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Beach Volleyball Comes to Angry Birds Rio



Rovio is now starting to push out updates to its latest Angry Birds Rio franchise with an additional beach volleyball level of game play. The update brings a fresh level of gameplay in which users are not freeing caged birds, but assaulting menacing monkeys, similar to the trying to blunting the pigs with the original Angry Birds game. The environment, as the beach volleyball theme implies, is set on the sandy beach of Rio with bananas, moneys, floaters, and sand structures.

Rovio had scored an unexpected runaway hit with the original Angry Birds game, which is available as a free, ad-supported download on Android, where users and players become addicted in this immersive game of attacking greedy pigs who had stolen the birds’ eggs, causing them to be ‘angry.’

If you’re an Angry Birds fanatic, this extra level of game play should help to keep you occupied, at least until Rovio adds more Angry Birds title to its popular series, which includes Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and now Angry Birds Rio.

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