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Belkin Windows 8 Tablet Dock, Ultrabook Dock Support Dual Video Out



Belkin’s new line up docking stands for Windows 8 based tablets and ultrabooks could be just the thing users are looking for to stay productive at their desk without all the cables.

Announced by the company during this week’s Computex tradeshow, both docks focus on cleaning up the rat’s nest of monitor cables and iPhone docking ports that currently litter the desktops of users who like to plug their computer up for the best native desktop experience possible.

The Belkin Dual Video Docking Stand for Ultrabooks uses the USB 3.0 standard to keep users from having to connect up to too many wires when sitting at their desk. Instead, one USB cable plugged into an ultrabook will provide access to two USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, audio out, DVI and Display Port outputs and gigabit Ethernet support. All of this connectivity sits just below a holder than can be used to prop the user’s ultrabook at eye level.

The Belkin Dual Video Docking Stand for Ultrabooks

The Belkin Dual Video Docking Stand for Ultrabooks

Because it has two video output ports, users will be able to connect two monitors at the same time using the Belkin Dual Video Docking Stand.

The Belkin Dual Video Docking Stand for Windows 8 Tablets delivers the same experience with two USB 3.0, two USB 2.0 ports, a gigabit Ethernet support, audio out and DVI and Display Port Output to also allow users to connect to more than one monitor at a time. Unlike the Dual Video Docking Stand for Ultrabooks, this stand is meant solely for users of Windows 8 tablets.

The Belkin Dual Video Docking Stand for Windows Tablets

The Belkin Dual Video Docking Stand for Windows Tablets.

Unfortunately, this device won’t be compatible with Windows RT, though Windows 8 users will be able to use it just fine. Belkin says, that both stands are available immediately, and can be ordered directly from it’s website for $249.99 before shipping, taxes and fees.

While slightly expensive, the real world conveniences it could provide for users who simply want to pick up their ultrabook or Windows tablet and go about their day effortlessly, they could be well worth the price.

As Windows 8 machines increasingly morph to create a great tablet experiences many users who need a great desktop solution for just getting work done might also fine these docks useful.

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