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Benchmark App Reveals LTE Samsung Android Phone with 720p HD Display



Smartphone benchmarking app NenaMark has revealed that a device has tested using its services with the following specs from Samsung: 4G LTE network connectivity, a 1280 X 720 display, Android Gingerbread, and dual-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon CPU with Adreno 220 graphics.

Not much else is revealed about the handset, but as it is running Gingerbread and not Ice Cream Sandwich, it may not be the Google Nexus Prime, which has been recently rumored to be a Verizon exclusive phone coming as the Droid Prime.

The specs are do confirm that 720p HD displays are about to hit soon. In the past, WVGA and FWVGA displays dominated the high-end smartphone market to be replaced by qHD display devices, the first of which were announced at CES in early January. Now, under a year later, displays are continuing to improve and we’ll have a 720p HD display on a phone most likely by the end of this year.

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Via: PhoneArena

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