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BenQ TK800M Review: 4K Projector With Dedicated Sport Mode



The BenQ TK800M is a 4K projector with a built-in sport mode, 3,000 lumens of brightness and support for HDR10 and HLG. It’s relatively affordable at $1,283 and easy to setup.

This projector uses DLP technology and achieves a 4K resolution with pixel-shifting. The picture quality is great, with shining while watching NFL and college football as well as streaming from the Apple TV 4K. It’s an impressive value for the quality you get from the TK800M.

You can buy the BenQ TK800M at Amazon and B&H Photo for $1,283. If you shop at Amazon, make sure you pick the 2019 model, which we are reviewing, as they also list the TK800 model from 2017.


Image Quality

A special football mode makes the grass greener and uniforms pop.

A special football mode makes the grass greener and uniforms pop.

The BenQ TK800M looks good for a wide range of content. I specifically tested watching various football games, watching 4K movies on the Apple TV and testing out some gaming and came away impressed with what I saw.

One catch to the Sport mode is that you can’t use it with HDR on. So you’ll need to turn HDR off to use the football mode. With football mode on, the grass is greener and uniform colors richer. I was a little surprised, that I like this mode better when watching sports. You can easily turn HDR on and off using a button on the remote, but the picture will go off when you switch.

Watching 4K HDR movies on the TK800M is an incredible experience. John Wick 3 looked great and the colors really popped while still delivering good blacks for the price range.

Movies look great on the BenQ TK800M.

Movies look great on the BenQ TK800M.

Gamers will appreciate the relatively low input lag. While it’s not something pro gamers will gravitate to, for casual players it’s more than low enough to game on PS4 or Xbox One.

The projector can handle ambient light, though it looks best in a dark room, which is where I used it most of the time. With side lights on in the room, the image is still very good and even with most overhead lights on the image quality is still pretty good. I wouldn’t get this if your main use case is in a room with bright light, but if you plan to mainly use in a dark room and then bring it to somewhere brighter for a bowl game or Super Bowl, it will get the job done.

Audio Quality

There is a built-in 5-watt speaker that is better than your average projector, but it’s far from immersive. It will do at a special event in the garage or when you set it up in a room for a one-off show, but even with the special resonant chamber, you will want to pair this up with a good sound system.

While you can hear the fan it’s not too loud to get in the way with movies or sports at medium to high volume.

Design & Remote

The TK800M is compact and easy to mount.

The TK800M is compact and easy to mount.

You get an eye-catching teal color on the front of the projector while the rest of the body is white. You can adjust the projector with feet to change the angle or mount it using built-in mounting points on the bottom. There is a small gold 4K logo on the front that closes a lens cover.

From a connection standpoint, you get one HDMI HDCP 2.2 and one HDMI HDCP 1.4, a USB mini B and USB type A as well as PC in, RS-323, 12V trigger audio in and audio out as well as an IR receiver.  If you want to hook a streaming stick up to this, you can plug it into the Type A USB port for power and you can easily connect external speakers.

The remote is well laid out and the white finish makes it easy to find in the dark. The orange/red backlit is easy to see without being too bright. Overall this is a really handy remote control.

Everything you want from a projector remote.

Everything you want from a projector remote.

Setup & Installation

The BenQ TK800M is easy to set up and is light enough that you could easily move it around your house to the garage or to a room for a sleepover. I mounted this in the basement and pointed it at an EliteScreens screen for testing. Thanks to the 1.1X zoom I was able to get a large picture even in a room that is not very deep. Expect to get 100 inches at just shy of 11 feet. Mounting the projector is easy thanks to the mounts on the bottom and I love that it came with a 10 ft. long power cable.

You can manually adjust the zoom and the focus using dials on the projector. There is also an easy to adjust Vertical keystone to square up the image when you have to set the projector off-center.

At 9.2 pounds it’s not a projector you want to haul everywhere, but it’s easy enough to move around the house or to take to a friend’s for the game. The simple setup options make getting it ready quick and painless.

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