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5 Best Amazon Fire 7 Cases (2017 Version)



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Smart Amazon Fire 7 Case - $13.99

Smart Amazon Fire 7 Case - $13.99

The Smart Amazon Fire 7 case is one that looks a lot like a popular style of iPad case and it offers one of the best Smart Cover features -- a foldable kickstand. 

This affordable 2017 Fire 7 case includes a back cover that keeps the tablet safe and a tri-fold front cover that includes a sleep and wake function so that your tablet wakes up when you open it and goes to sleep when you close it. 

When you fold up the front cover you can stand up the case to watch a movie, or you can prop it at an angle for better typing or gaming on a flat surface. 

Reinforced corners and the multi-use kickstand help this case standout and the price puts it among the best you can buy. 

$13.99 at Amazon

5 / 5
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