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Best Amazon Fire 7 Screen Protectors (2017 Version)



SuperShieldz Clear Shield Film 3-Pack

SuperShieldz Clear Shield Film 3-Pack

If your family owns more than one Amazon Fire 7 tablet you're probably looking to buy a bunch of protectors at once. And while this isn't a tempered glass protector, it comes from a reputable and trusted brand. 

SuperShields is a popular company that makes some of the best films for screen protection. They use an extremely strong military-grade film to keep the screen safe. It's resistant to scratches, absorbs impacts from damage, and has self-healing properties all in one. They also promise the film won't discolor or fade over time. 

The company promises an easy bubble-free installation, offers a lifetime warranty on all three, and yes, you'll get three. Perfect for all three kids to keep their tablet safe for just a few dollars. We completely trust and recommend SuperShieldz. 

Buy it Now on Amazon for $8.99

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