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10 Best Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet Cases (2017 Version)



MoKo Slim SLATE Series Case

MoKo Slim SLATE Series Case

Another excellent case from MoKo is the slim SLATE series. This takes the design everyone knows and loves about tablet cases, and makes it better. Basically, MoKo is using a very thin material and covers it with a beautiful PU leather, or a PU Slate design. We chose slate black, as it looks striking. 

These cases look better than almost everything on our list, are thin, lightweight, yet shockproof and very durable. MoKo added little dips in the flip case too, which keeps the tablet upright and prevents it from sliding while in kickstand mode. 

Then, the edges of the case use a durable polycarbonate shell for added durability. And finally, they finish the inside with a soft microfiber lining to keep the screen safe. Just like every case, it shuts with a magnetic latch that puts the screen to sleep or wakes it up. Get it in one of seven premium colors or slate designs. 

Buy it Now on Amazon for $17.99

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