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6 Best Amazon Fire TV Stick Accessories



So you just got your Amazon Fire TV Stick. It comes with everything you need to use it in the box, but there are some essential Amazon Fire TV Stick accessories that you can buy to upgrade your experience.

From controlling your TV with the same remote and holding on to the slim remote easier to getting a better gaming experience and watching more on your Amazon Fire TV stick with affordable subscriptions that might let you cut cable we have you covered.

The best Amazon Fire TV Stick accessories you can buy, and why you need them.

The best Amazon Fire TV Stick accessories you can buy, and why you need them.

Like the device itself, all of our Amazon Fire TV Stick accessories are affordable, so you don’t need to break the bank to upgrade your new streaming stick. Here are the best Amazon Fire TV Stick accessories you can buy;

  1. Sideclick Remote
  2. Prime Video, Netflix or Hulu
  3. Remote Control Grip
  4. Amazon Echo Dot
  5. Ethernet Adapter
  6. 3M Strips

If you buy the universal remote, don’t get the remote grip, as the two are not compatible. You likely won’t need all of these accessories, but if you buy a few of these items you can expect a much better experience with your Fire TV Stick.

Sideclick Remote

Sideclick Remote

If you hate juggling remotes when you want to control the sound of your TV or soundbar while watching something on your Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa, the Sideclick remote is a must have accessory. 

This small remote clips on to the Amazon Fire TV Stick remote, adding common TV controls so you can control the other devices without switching remotes. It can learn the remote codes from your existing remotes and it clips to the current remote so you still have access to your voice search and Alexa controls. 

The Sideclick remote includes power, volume, channel, input and two other buttons so that you can control a variety of devices with the one remote. It's simple, works great and one of the first accessories you should buy if you need to control other deices and you want to keep Alexa voice controls. 

$29 at Amazon

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