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Best Android Tablet Apps [July, 2014]



Chronus Widgets

Chronus Widgets

Not everything about your tablet has to be about watching video or reading Kindle books, and Chronus Widget is certainly an app you'll want to download. Chronus is a powerful widget pack that will let you completely change the way your tablet looks.

Chronus puts widgets on your tablet homescreen or lockscreen that are highly customizable and will display an elegant clock, the weather, calender information, news, Facebook social feeds and more. All in a beautiful, elegant, and customizable fashion. This lets you control how your tablet homescreens look, and it's a powerful tool you'll want to at least try once. It's also completely free!

Chronus Download Link

... HD Widgets with the Colourform add-on deserves an honorable mention, as we've used their widgets for years on Android. Give it a try it Chronus isn't your thing.



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