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Best Black Friday 1080p TV Deals (2017)



The best time of the year to buy a new HDTV is Black Friday. And while there are tons of impressive Black Friday TV deals available in 2017, they’re almost all 4K HDTVs. Not everyone needs a 4K TV or wants to spend the extra money for one. With that in mind, below we’ve gathered a list of the best Black Friday 1080p TV deals of 2017.

I’d love to own a beautiful 65-inch curved 4K television, but I just don’t need one. If that sounds like you, these are the deals you’ll want to consider come Thursday night.

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Almost every major store is offering huge discounts on 4K TVs. However, if you look around you’ll see that those aren’t your only option. It’s the deals you’ll see the most, but there are a few 1080p TVs at steep discounts. Below is a continuously updated list of deals on TVs that aren’t 4K.

It’s worth noting that some of the TVs in our roundup below are only 720p. At this point, we don’t really recommend a 720p TV, unless it’s a backup for a spare room. That said, everyone has different wants and needs. Most TV deals this year are 720p or 4K, but if you look you’ll find some great 1080p HDTVs.

These are a few of the many deals we’ve found so far. This list is in no particular order, and some have no brand name attached.

Best Black Friday 1080p TV Deals (or 720p)

  • Proscan 32-inch LED HDTV – $99 at Shopko
  • Polaroid 32-inch LED 720p TV – $89 at Target
  • Samsung 32-inch 720p Smart TV – $129 at Walmart
  • TCL 32-inch 720p LED Smart TV – $135 at Walmart
  • Element 39-inch Smart TV – $125 at Walmart
  • Element 40-inch 1080p LED TV – $179 at Target
  • Premium brand 40-inch 1080p Smart TV – $279 at Amazon
  • Element 43-inch 1080p HDTV – $198 at Walmart
  • Sharp 43-inch LED Smart HDTV – $249 at Best Buy
  • Vizio 43-inch 1080p LED TV – $198 at Walmart
  • Vizio 48-inch Smart TV – $199 at Meijer
  • Hitachi 49-inch 1080p HD Smart TV – $299 at H-E-B
  • Toshiba 49-inch 1080p LED TV – $279 at Best Buy
  • LG 49-inch 1080p LED TV – $299 at BJ’s
  • RCA 50-inch 1080p HDTV – 199 at STAGE
  • Sharp Aquas N5000 50-inch 1080p Smart TV – $369 at
  • Samsung 55-inch Smart LED TV – $449 at Meijer
  • Magnavox 50-inch 1080p Smart TV – $279 at BJ’s

Again, these are some of the best Black Friday TV deals for 2017 that aren’t 4K TVs. This list is in no specific order, and we’ll continuously monitor ads and update this post with more deals as they’re announced. We’re expecting some last-minute “doorbuster” announcements too, so stay tuned.

Additionally, we could see more savings for Cyber Monday. When those details arrive, we’ll add them to the list. Then, even though we said no 4K TVs, you can get a 50-inch Sharp 4K Smart TV for $180 at Best Buy. In closing, if you see any big Black Friday TV deals let us know in the comment section below.

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