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Best Buy Cyber Monday Deal Roundup



Ah, Cyber Monday, the sale day where you can sit in your home or office and score great deals and not have to worry about battling strangers or getting pepper sprayed over a $20 Blu-ray player.

Best Buy had some of the best electronics deals going on Black Friday, and the same is true for today. Here are the best ones I found when poking through their site.

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eReaders and MP3 Players

Barnes and Noble Nook

Nook Simple Touch — $79.99

There are still some Black Friday Nooks available for $20 off at Best Buy. This is a serious steal since it’s only $5 more than the least expensive Kindle and is way better. Scope our eReader Gift Guide for more details.

Apple iPod Touch (8-64GB) — $184 – $363

Best Buy is offering $15 – $36 off the iPod touch. It’s not a lot, but pretty good for a discount you can get without leaving the house. Check out the 8GB, 32GB, and 64GB models.

iTunes Gift Card — $40

You can get a $50 gift card for just $40 today at Best Buy. It’s like a Groupon, but one that you won’t forget to use.

Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 — $199 | Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 — $239

In my gift guide for tweens I suggested these players over the iPod touch for a few reasons, including the ability to keep track of kids via the GPS and give them a free texting solution via Google Voice. These players normally cost $229 and $299, respectively, so this is a sweet discount. Go for the bigger one if you have the budget, as it’s better for gaming and reading.



iCade — $49.99

This arcade cabinet for the iPad usually costs $99, so this is a significant deal. I sang its praises in my gift guide for tweens and iPad gaming accessories guide. Check those out for the skinny then scoop it up while it’s still available at this price.

Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad or Android — $39.99

This Bluetooth keyboard is very useful if your tablet is also a productivity tool. If you know someone on your list is getting a tablet this season, then the Logitech keyboard is the perfect complimentary gift. And for $30 off, it makes a great stocking stuffer.

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SanDisk Extreme HD 8GB and 16GB SD cards — $14.99 and $24.99

Whenever I buy SD cards for myself I always pick SanDisk Extreme because they’re faster than average SD cards, which can really make a difference in some cameras (and computers, too). If you’re taking quick shots, you don’t want your camera to take too long to save the image to the card. These SanDisks shave seconds off the process, getting you back to shooting mode faster. These are very good prices for their size ($25 – $35 off).

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Toshiba Satellite C655D — $249 | HP Pavilion 2000 — $299

These two laptops may surprise shoppers with their low prices considering that both have 15.6-inch screens and are thus not netbooks. Thing is, they both have AMD Fusion E series processors inside, which means they have similar power to affordable ultraportables like the HP Pavilion dm1, which are just a step above netbooks in terms of power. So even though these are the same size as “regular” notebooks, you’re not going to get stunning performance out of them. As long as you know that going in, go ahead and get one of these if you want. It’ll be fine for basic tasks like browsing the web, working on office documents, and streaming videos.

Gateway NV55C57U — $309 | Lenovo IdeaPad 1068AFU — $319

These 15.6-inch laptops are so inexpensive because they have Intel Pentium processors inside, which are several years old. Again, you’re not going to see very strong performance from these models, but they’re okay to buy if you’re going for something basic.

HP Pavilion dv6 — $429

This notebook has a pretty powerful processor for the price and should deliver great performance for most mainstream users. And if you love to play casual games or MMORPGs or even other less-intense PC games, this model offers enough oomph for that.

Samsung RC512 — $499

This laptop actually has some good highlights, including a DVD drive that can read Blu-ray discs and built-in Wireless Display technology from Intel. It has 2 USB 3.0 ports, a definite plus, and 4G/WiMAX mobile broadband built-in. The Core i3 processor means it won’t be a workhorse, but for most mainstream users this provides plenty of power.

Apple MacBook Pro 13 — $1,049 | Apple MacBook Pro 15 — $1,599

Best Buy is offering $150 – $200 off these MacBook Pros, which you generally don’t see discounted unless they’re refurbished.

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Gunnar Eyewear — $44.99

Gunnar’s glasses are meant to keep your eyes from getting tired and hurty during long gaming sessions. There are three styles: Metropole Earth, Pipeline Onyx, and Weezer Onyx Frames. All are $35 off.

Microsoft Kinect — $99

Does the Xbox lover on your list have one yet? They need it, trust me. Especially at $50 off.

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Cameras and Camcorders

Canon EOS Rebel T2i — $672

$127 off the MSRP, this capable digital SLR will be very useful for photographers who are just starting to step up their game. It has an excellent auto mode for those who don’t yet know how to get deep into the various modes, but then offers the full Canon range of options for those who do. This includes an 18-55mm zoom lens.

Canon EOS 7D — $1,595

This 18.0MP DSLR comes with a 28-135mm lens kit and, though expensive, is over $300 off today.

Sony Alpha NEX-5 — $449

The Alpha NEX series cameras have small bodies but have the image quality of much larger DSLRs. They also have a breadth of features and modes yet work well for beginning photographers thanks to a simple to use Auto mode. $200 off.

Samsung Q10 – $179

I like this camcorder because it works for both left and right-handed shooting as most of the controls and menus are accessible via the touchscreen LCD viewer. The record button sits right on the back of the device and under the thumb no matter which hand the camera is in. An accelerometer inside senses which way the camera is flipped sand switches the display. Usually $249.

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