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Best Buy iPad 4 Deal Drops Price to $300, But There Are Better Options



A new iPad 4 deal at Best Buy drops the price of the iPad 4 to $299 or lower with an iPad trade-in, possibly in response to an upcoming iPad 5 release.

This Best Buy iPad promotion is similar to the free iPhone 5 deal that the retailer re-launched last month, and offers a good deal for iPad 2 owners, but users should check around to get top dollar for an even cheaper iPad 4.

With the iPad trade-in deal at Best Buy, shoppers will get at least $200 towards the purchase of an iPad 4 with Retina Display in the form of a Best Buy gift card. The deal will pay more for some iPad models.

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The Best Buy iPad trade-in deal is valid on the iPad 2 and iPad 3, but does not apply to the iPad mini. The iPad must power on, cannot have a cracked screen or water damage.

Best Buy's iPad trade-in deal for the iPad 4 is good, but there are better options.

Best Buy’s iPad trade-in deal for the iPad 4 is good, but there are better options.

We suggest users check the Best Buy trade-in website to see what Best Buy will pay for the used iPad 2 or iPad 3 before going into the store. If the listed price is below $200, round-up. If it is higher than $200, expect that price at Best Buy.

The iPad 2 16GB WiFi is a good device to trade in as it is only worth $150 in average condition on trade-in service Gazelle. Overall this is a good deal, and on par with many online trade-in values for the 16 and 32GB WiFi iPad 2 and iPad 3 models. Users can check their specific iPad value at Gazelle.

Save an Extra $50 to $100 on the iPad 4

If you want to trade in an iPad 2 or iPad 3 and buy the iPad 4, users can use an online trade-in site like Gazelle to get a comparable offer and purchase a refurbished iPad 4 that is already discounted almost $100.

Buy a refurbished iPad 4 and save even more.

Buy a refurbished iPad 4 and save even more.

The iPad 4 16GB WiFi model is $419 direct from Apple with a one year warranty included. Trading in the iPad 3 16GB WiFI model at Gazelle nets $170.

When all is said and done, this method results in a new iPad 4 for $249, instead of $299. Check out the various Apple iPad 4 discounts on refurbished devices and trade-in values to find out which is the best option.

iPad 5 Release Around the Corner

If you want the latest and greatest, it may be worth waiting for the iPad 5. Rumors point to an iPad 5 release in the fall with a completely new design.

The biggest benefit of the new design is that the iPad 5 will likely be noticeably thinner and lighter than the iPad 4 and iPad 3. This is key for users that plan to take the iPad everywhere they go. The iPad 5 leaks point to a device that looks like a bigger iPad mini.

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An iPad 5 will likely start at $499 and could push the iPad 4 price down to $400 in place of the iPad 2 that is currently available for $399 from Apple.

There is no official announcement, but we could see a new iPad as early as October.

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