Best Camera Apps To Use With Instagram

Owners of the new HTC EVO 4G LTE will not only get a slick phone, but also a really nice camera. Android users who love taking pictures will be envious of the camera app in particular since it offers several advanced functions and settings. The camera itself wouldn’t be as great without that app.

Though apps like Instagram can make mediocre photos look interesting and smooth the rough edges off of flaws with filters, the best images come when you start with a better picture.

Even if you don’t have the world’s best 8MP camera or a huge sensor, you can still improve your phone’s shots by using a better camera app. The stock Android app often lacks robust functions and settings which can help improve pictures while you’re taking them. But it’s easy to replace.

Start taking better pictures using the apps below and show #TeamiPhone that Android is in fact the superior Instagram platform.

ProCapture — $1.99


Though this app has dozens of functions camera buffs and even serious photographers can appreciate, the simple UI ensures that even beginners and people just out to shoot a nice image can still use it. Standout setting and options include the ability to map zoom or shutter to volume buttons, reduced noise, on-screen histogram, and on-screen Fibonacci spiral to help compose shots. If your camera app is missing white balance, exposure, or the ability to take wide-angle or panorama shots, you’ll appreciate this, too.

HDR Camera — Free

HDR Camera

Phone cameras don’t always do well in situations with both bright sunlight and shadows. Either the light areas are too light or the shadowed areas too dark. HDR — high dynamic range — can help alleviate this problem. Usually applied after the fact with an imagine editing program, this app brings the power of HDR to your phone. Users can take vivid pictures with more detail even if you don’t have the steadiest hand since the app combines two pictures taken one after the other and blends them for the best outcome.

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