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11 Best Cases for Google Pixel 3



Urban Armor Gear Monarch

Urban Armor Gear Monarch

Next up is the all-new UAG case for the Google Pixel 3. That stands for Urban Armor Gear, and they make some of the most durable yet featherlight cases on the market.

UAG uses a unique blend of a soft impact-resistant TPU core & honeycomb traction grip, then a hard polycarbonate outer frame for more durability. However, the new Monarch series takes that even further with FIVE layers of protection. 

The UAG Monarch has TPU on the inside, double-thick TPU corners, a polycarbonate featherlight skeleton, then a genuine leather outer layer topped with a Black or Crimson Red alloy metal. So yeah, this thing is incredibly tough. Each case has a 10-year warranty, 2x military-grade rating for drops over 10-feet, and oversized tactile buttons that are easy to press. It's loud and proud, but some people like that. Or, get the matte-black-everything version if you don't like red. 

Buy it Now for $59.99 from UAG

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