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Best Cheap Office Chairs in 2020



The best cheap office chair worth buying is the Hon Exposure which is under $250 on Amazon and ready to ship today. An excellent upgrade and must-have for bigger users is the Secretlab Titan.

We’re walking you through the best budget office chairs that you can buy in 2020. This is designed with your new work from home life in mind, and even if you think you are heading back into the office later this year, a good chair is an excellent option for your home office.

Each of these chairs can pull double duty as an office chair or a gaming chair, so you can pull it into the other room while you relax. All of the options are under $400 and most of the options are closer to $200.

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Best Cheap Office Chairs

  1. Hon Exposure – $259.98 at Amazon
  2. Secretlab Omega & Titan – $359 and $399 at Secretlab
  3. Myochair – $159 at Autonomous
  4. Hyken Mesh Chair – $144.99 at Staples (Coupon 42603)
  5. Respawn 110 Gaming Chair – $145.99 at Amazon
  6. Amazon Basics Mesh Office Chair – $72.49 at Amazon

All the options here come with good reviews and recommendations from users or our experience with the chair or the brand.

Hon Exposure at Amazon

The Hon Exposure chair is a great option if you can afford to spend about $250. You’re getting a chair from a well-known company that includes a 5-year warranty, a lot of adjustment options for the back support, tilt and you can adjust the armrests. This chair is rated for users up to 250 pounds.

Secretlab Omega & Titan – $359 and $399 at Secretlab

You may think that a gaming chair goes with a gaming computer or in front of a TV, but it’s a great office chair. And, if you are looking for a new work from home chair to get you through this isolation period, it’s a nice dual-purpose chair.

The Secretlab gaming chairs are very supportive, offer a lot of customization to the armrests and the tilt. I really like the full recline feature, which is handy when you need a break.

Secretlab offers a wide range of design options including eSports, Dark Knight, Overwatch, deadmau5, Game of Thrones, and other designs.

The Omega is rated for users up to 240 pounds and the TItan is rated for users up to 290 pounds. The Titan XL is rated for users up to 390 pounds.

Buy at Secretlab

Myochair – $159 at Autonomous

The Myochair is an affordable option and you can opt for a footrest.

The Myochair is a mesh chair with good support, a recline option that includes a footrest and adjustable armrests. This is a budget option, but it comes with high reviews and we are a huge fan of the standing desk that we’ve been using for several years. The footrest and headrest option adds $40 to the price.

With this chair, you get a 30-day trial, a one year warranty, and free shipping.

Buy at Autonomous

Hyken Mesh Chair – $144.99 at Staples

The Hyken Mesh chair is a great option.

The Hyken Mesh Chair is affordable and you can get quick delivery from Staples, sometimes as fast as the next day. With nearly 6,0000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating, it is a great option.

You get lumbar and head support, height-adjustable armrests, and multi-tilt control. This is a great budget option if you are looking for a nice upgrade that does not break the bank. You get a 7-year warranty and it supports users up to 275 pounds.

Buy at Staples with Coupon Code 43602

Respawn 110 Gaming Chair – $145.99 at Amazon

The Respawn gaming chair is another excellent affordable option that is available in a range of colors and styles. You can browse these options on Amazon and on Respawn.

Amazon Basics Mesh Office Chair – $72.49 at Amazon

Do you need a simple office chair that is better than your kitchen chair or a folding chair? The Amazon Basics Mesh chair is a good entry-level option that is under $100 and will leave you feeling better at the end of the day.

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