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Best Car Chargers for the Samsung Galaxy S9



Spigen 30w Dual Car Charger ($9.99)

Spigen 30w Dual Car Charger ($9.99)

Last but not least is one of the best overall car chargers for any smartphone owners. Spigen is a brand that makes millions of smartphone accessories, and we can recommend them without hesitation. 

This Spigen 30w Dual Car Charger has two ports. One delivers fast charging speeds perfect for the Galaxy S9, while the other is your typical 2.4 amp "fast" speeds for older devices or the iPhone. Basically, this will charge any Android or iPhone device as fast as possible, and do it safely. 

It's perfect to throw in the car so you can recharge your new Galaxy S9 fast, and any friends or family can use the other port for a quick top off too. It's also really affordable. 

Buy it Now for $9.99

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