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Best Free Educational Services for Kids in 2020



Kids across the country are now home for at least a few weeks, and potentially the rest of the school year. Here is a collection of the best free resources that you can use to help your kids keep learning and to keep them occupied and entertained.

Many educational companies and services are now offering free access to their services and even free access to premium versions to help you get through this time. Some of the subscriptions are for homeschooling or for remote learning that you can add to your list of things of resources. Other tools are aimed at groups and organizations, but with all of these, you can find something to help pass the time or keep learning going.

Here are the best free services for kids in 2020, and at the bottom of the article, we have a listing that includes over 1,000 free services and subscriptions for your kids.

  1. Scholastic Learn at Home – Free online learning by grade level
  2. 123 Homeschool for ME – Free printable resources and activities
  3. Purple Mash – Online learning for coding, art, and storytelling
  4. Beanstalk – free interactive kids classes
  5. Biology Simulations – Virtual biology simulations
  6. Chrome Music Lab – Music creation tools and games for kids
  7. Club Oasis – Free online STEM learning with live classes and more
  8. Coloring Nature – Printable coloring pages
  9. Coolmath Games – Fun online games and problem-solving tools
  10. Duolingo – Learn another language
  11. k12 Movie Guides – Turn movies into learnable moments
  12. Khan Academy Kids – App to keep kids occupied and learning about various topics
  13. Massolit – Free online lecture from across six subjects
  14. Minecraft Education – game-based learning in Minecraft
  15. Virtual Museum Tours – Tour 12 famous museums from home

Here are the best free educational services for kids in 2020.

The list above highlights resources that you can share with your kids at no cost. A longer list is available here, but it is mixed in with resources for teachers and schools. If you find any other resources, send them to me at [email protected] or send a tweet to @Josh_Smith with your suggestions.

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