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10 Best Free Video Chat Apps in 2020



These are the best free video chat apps available in 2020. Whether you work from home, are practicing social distancing, or just need an alternative to FaceTime we have you covered.

Using video chat apps or videoconferencing apps is a great way to connect with people who are important to us, no matter where they are in the world. And while there are many options out there, only a few of them are free, well-designed, easy to use, and good enough to make our list.

Most of these video calling services work on iPhone, Android or your desktop, letting you connect with friends and family no matter what. We’ve found a few group video chat apps too, perfect for the whole family.

  • Google Duo
  • FaceTime
  • WhatsApp
  • Skype
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Marco Polo
  • Zoom
  • Houseparty
  • LINE
  • Google Hangouts Meet

1. Google Duo

Download for Android or iOS

Google Duo is one of the best video chat apps for both Android and iPhone users. It was originally Google’s answer to FaceTime, and offers a simple interface that’s all about video calling. Since then, it’s grown into a great platform with a few cool features and it works on almost any device you own. Put in your phone number and you’re all set. Google Duo is an excellent alternative for friends or family groups that have both iPhone AND Android users, but you all want to chat. Simply tell everyone to get Duo and make video calls as easy as a regular call.

2. FaceTime

Download for iOS

FaceTime needs no introduction and as you all know, it’s Apple’s proprietary video calling app that only Apple users can enjoy. As long as you and your friends or family have an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac, it works perfectly and it’s free. You can start a video chat as easy as making a phone call, as long as the other person has an Apple device too. FaceTime offers group video chats up to 32 people, which is crazy, audio-calling, and a few other features for those interested. If you all have Apple there’s no reason to try any other app, but if not, keep reading.

3. WhatsApp

Download for iOS or Android

Being one of the most popular and widely used messaging apps on the planet, WhatsApp had to be on this list. The company has a “hangouts” video chat option and millions of people make video calls on it every day. WhatsApp video chatting works on Android, iOS and Windows, too, so no one will get left out. We like that during calls you can share media files, GIFs, stickers, etc for a little extra fun. It’s completely free so give it a try today.

4. Skype

Download for iOS or Android

Skype is another one of those services everyone should be somewhat familiar with, and it’s been around forever. Honestly, most of you probably have a Skype account, but forget it exists. That said, Skype has over 1 billion downloads on Android, a ton on iPhone and is still the go-to platform for a lot of people on desktop PC’s. You can do group video calls to up to 25 people, too, that way you can try to entertain all your co-workers at once. It’s completely free, but you can pay for more advanced features if you’d like.

5. Facebook Messenger

Download for iOS or Android

Yes, a lot of people still use Facebook, especially some of your older friends and family. Add in the fact that almost everyone has a Facebook account these days, and using Facebook Messenger for video chatting makes a lot of sense. It’s built into the social network, easy to use, and readily available on almost any and all devices. Plus, it doesn’t need a phone number or anything to work, so it’s perfect for tablets and stuff too. It should need no introduction at this point, so give it a try if you’re looking for a good free video chat app to use with friends.

6. Marco Polo

Download for iOS or Android

Not everyone uses Snapchat, but if you want to send video messages in a similar fashion without actually doing “video calls” than you’ll want to check out Marco Polo. It’s basically a video message instead of a video call. Unlike Snapchat though, there is no limit on how long your video is and the app won’t delete them as you go, either. That way the entire video conversation is available for you to look back on, or rewatch.

7. Zoom

Download for iOS or Android

You’re probably hearing a lot about Zoom these days, and that’s because it’s an excellent free video chat app worth trying. And while it’s mainly for business users and people who work from home or entertain from home, but anyone can try it. Zoom offers video and audio conferencing, chat and webinar features across mobile devices, desktops, phones and room systems. The free version does have like a 40-minute time limit, and extra features do cost a few bucks, but what you get with the free app is pretty great.

8. Houseparty

Download for iOS or Android

If you’re looking for an awesome group video chat app consider Houseparty. While most video chat options allow multiple people to join, Houseparty is built specifically for bigger groups, which makes it unique. If you’re practicing some social distancing, this is a good way to communicate with friends or family. What’s cool about Houseparty is the have games built-in, too, so you can stay entertained and video chat with all your favorite people at the same time. We like that it works on both platforms, for free, giving you an option other than FaceTime and Google.


Download for iOS or Android

For a while LINE was the best video chat app for Android, and one of the only real reliable options available. However, these days it’s a great option for iPhone, iPad, Android devices, computers, laptops and more and has over 500 million users. You can place free HQ video calls to anyone and everyone, then add fun stickers or filters in real-time to the video feed — making it more fun than some of the others on our list. Crazy enough, you can do a video chat with up to 200 people if you even care to talk to that many people at once.

10. Google Hangouts Meet

Download for iOS or Android

Last but not least, for now, is the popular Google Hangouts Meet option. It’s probably the best choice for Google and G Suite users and businesses. It’s not as easy to use as something like Facebook Messenger or FaceTime, but then again, it’s not for casual video chats either. If you’re the boss you can quickly create a web video chat link and let people tune in on their phone, tablet, laptops, or even from the web. If you’re already a G Suite user it’s a solid free option. Don’t forget you can add video calls to the calendar with ease, too.

In closing, these are some of your best options when it comes to free video calling apps for Android, iPhone, and computers. Whether you just miss the family, work from home, or want to teach a workout from home class, give some of these services a try.

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