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15 Best Galaxy Note 5 Cases



The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a big phone wrapped in an all-aluminum design, and many owners will want to put it in a case as soon as possible. Now that we’ve tested multiple cases for months on end, here is a collection of some of the best Galaxy Note 5 cases.

With the Galaxy Note 7 undergoing a big recall, many users have switched back to something like the Galaxy Note 5 and will wait another year for Samsung’s next phone. As a result, more and more buyers are looking for excellent Note 5 cases.

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Below we cover everything from typical cases from Samsung, heavy duty coverage, minimalist cases and more. There is something for everyone. Whether you’re new to the Note 5, went back to it, or are just looking for a case we have you covered.


We’ve already detailed multiple official accessories that Samsung is selling themselves, but they aren’t the only ones. Being a Samsung almost every major brand makes some cases or accessories. A few Samsung-made cases top our list below, and we have more than a few for you to consider.
These awesome Samsung Galaxy Note 5 cases range from your typical cheap but quality $10 cases that are thin and lightweight, known as TPU cases, to durable military grade and drop-test approved ones that can handle a beating. We’ve also added in cases that add function on top of protection. Like wallet cases, kickstands, and much more.
Samsung even sells an odd keyboard case that adds a physical Blackberry style keyboard to the front of the device, but that won’t be making our list. Instead, check out these excellent cases that will protect the Galaxy Note 5, add additional features, and let you continue using the S-Pen stylus or enjoying movies on the bright Quad-HD display without any problems.

Note 5 S-View Flip Case

Note 5 S-View Flip Case

Samsung offers multiple accessories for the Note 5, as we detailed above, but in terms of cases they only have a few. The Samsung S-View case has been around for a while, and it consistently delivers excellent features and protection at the same time. There's also a clear version, for those who'd like to show off the Note 5's stylush design, but we went with the regular black model.


Available in Black, White, Gold & Silver. The S-View has been popular for years, and protects your device while letting you interact with it without ever opening the case. Basically offering full protection even while allowing you to answer calls, take pictures, see the weather and more.

When closed, the S-View cover offers instant access to critical features through a unique window interface, thanks to the Samsung ID chip. View the home screen to check the time, weather and other status items. Accept or reject incoming calls with just a swipe, or reject calls with a preset text message. Control your music playback directly on the S-View screen. If you miss anything, notifications are shown in the recent activity menu of your S-View cover. Essentially allowing users the option to do a lot, without ever opening the case. It's a great option, but one of the most expensive on our list, so keep reading if it's too expensive for your blood.

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  1. Sam

    11/28/2015 at 7:42 pm

    The galaxy note 5 needs a slim lighter case with great grip since its so heavy and slippery. This is a custom designed note 5 case that offers great protection and looks very sleek

  2. Dobber

    12/30/2015 at 4:51 pm

    Yeah these are all bad and incipio refuses to make one with sd card and battery power. The fact you listed all these cases for a phone that will not make the day and is far far below the note 4 in every aspect. Let’s see. Samsung and US Government, can’t take out the battery so you can always have your whereabouts known. No sd card so you are forced to server farms “the cloud” so everything you do is monitored. Awesome. To top it off instead of an ankle monitoring device they put a watch face on it. So I am marked, monitored, tracked and spied on and the rights afforded to me by the constitution get taken by “terms and conditions my apply.” Followed with the patriot act that somehow stays alive. These are not close to the best cases.

  3. Rog

    03/29/2016 at 3:19 pm

    The note 5 needs something thats not going to weigh it down but offer really good protection since its made of mainly glass and metal. This is a custom designed case on amazon thats really good

  4. Fred O.

    04/13/2016 at 11:33 am

    Great list of cases. If you are looking for something protective and slim then it is definitely uviyo case for galaxy note 5

  5. Victor Spelman

    04/25/2016 at 10:17 am

    Love my new case for galaxy note 5 that I got from This case makes my phone look nice and feel thin.

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