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Best Samsung Galaxy S20+ (Plus) Screen Protectors



In this quick guide we’ve gathered a list of the best Galaxy S20 Plus screen protectors you can buy so far. That way you can have some protection ready the day you get your new phone. And while Samsung’s S20 comes with a plastic screen protector pre-installed you’ll definitely want a better one to ensure that big screen stays beautiful.

Whether you’re looking for a durable tempered glass screen protector or cheap films, these are the best options worth considering to keep your phone safe.

1. Whitestone Dome Glass UV 2-Pack

$60 at Amazon

Our recommendation and best Galaxy S20+ tempered glass comes from Whitestone, who’s Dome Glass is some of the best on the market. It’s expensive, but you’ll want to protect that expensive phone. This has tough, scratch and shatter-resistant glass that installs quickly with a UV light install kit and tray. This ensures a perfect bubble-free install so the in-display fingerprint scanner continues to work perfectly. And, you’re getting two so you have a backup.

2. Spigen NeoFlex Film 2-Pack

$9 at Amazon

While tempered glass is more durable, film protectors are cheap and very easy to install. Plus, sometimes they fit the curved screen better. The Spigen NeoFlex is a case-friendly flexible TPU film that’s super durable and will great even if you use a case. Give these a try!

3. Olixar Case-friendly Tempered Glass

$20 at Amazon

Our next Galaxy S20+ tempered glass protector comes from Olixar. This case-friendly option is designed to work with a case, so it won’t pull it up and ruin your protection. The black border will blend in nicely with your device, but keep in mind that this glass has a circular cutout in the bottom so the fingerprint scanner will still work.

4. LK Flex Film Protector 3-Pack

$10 at Amazon

Lightning Knight offers a three-pack of cheap and flexible TPU film protectors that offer full-screen coverage from top to bottom. We like that the front-camera cutout is open-ended, and not a circle, which allows for dust and debris to escape instead of build-up on your screen. Plus, you get three of them so you have extras in case you mess up the first install.

5. ESR Tempered Glass Galaxy S20+ Screen Protector 2-Pack

$17 at Amazon

If you want a strong tempered glass but can’t afford the Whitestone Dome, try the ESR tempered glass set for your Galaxy S20+. This comes with an easy installation tray, a spare protector if you break or scratch the first one, and they have solid reviews online. The only potential downside is it doesn’t work with the fingerprint scanner, but a lot of people don’t use that feature anyway.

6. SINTIA Flexible TPU Film 3-Pack

$14 at Amazon

Those that don’t want to bother with UV lights or weird glass screen protectors will want to snag this 3-pack from SINTIA. They promise full-coverage, scratch-resistance and the TPU film will heal itself if it gets small imperfections. Plus, we really like that you get three in case one gets damaged or you mess up during the installation process. So far reviews of glass protection for the Galaxy S20 aren’t all that great, so we’re waiting for more information before we recommend too many. For now, you can’t go wrong with some durable military-grade film screen protectors like these.

Stay tuned for more information and options, as we’ll continue to update this list of the best Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus screen protectors as we test what becomes available.

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