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Best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Screen Protectors



These are the best Galaxy S20 Ultra screen protectors available so far in 2020. This is one big, heavy, powerful phone and you’ll absolutely want a protector ready the day your phone arrives. And while it already comes with a plastic screen protector pre-installed you’ll definitely want a better one.

As a result, below we’ve gathered your best options whether that’s durable tempered glass or cheap Galaxy S20 Ultra screen protector films. Either way you’ll want to keep your phone safe.

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Best Galaxy S20 Ultra Screen Protectors in 2020

  • Venoro Tempered Glass UV Kit 2 Pack – $18
  • Spigen NeoFlex Film 2 Pack – $9
  • AOLANDER Full Coverage Tempered Glass – $9
  • OEAGO Flexible Film 3 Pack – $13
  • MagGlass Tempered Glass Protector with Cutout – $17
  • PULEN LiquidSkin TPU Film 3 Pack – $10

1. Venoro Tempered Glass UV Kit 2-Pack

$18 at Amazon

Our first recommendation is a tough tempered glass screen protector for the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Now that the screens aren’t as curved, glass protection should fit better and be easier to install. Lately, the best screen protectors are the ones that use a UV light to cure the glass to your phone, which is why we recommend the Venoro 3D glass UV kit. It works with the in-display fingerprint sensor and promises a bubble-free easy install. And yes, you can still remove the screen protector later if you need to. Plus, you get two in case you need a backup.

2. Spigen NeoFlex Film 2-Pack

$9 at Amazon

If you’re looking for cheap yet effective screen protection get this film from a trusted name like Spigen. While tempered glass is more durable, film protectors are cheap and very easy to install. Plus, these are case-friendly which is important.

3. AOLANDER Full Coverage Tempered Glass

$9 at Amazon

Another cheap option is this tempered glass screen protector from AOLANDER. They offered one of the best protectors for the Galaxy Note 10+ and we love the easy install alignment tray that comes in the box. Additionally, this glass doesn’t have a cutout for the front camera, giving you complete and full screen protection.

4. OEAGO Flexible Film 3-Pack

$13 at Amazon

Whether you bought three Galaxy S20 Ultras for the whole family or just want a backup screen protector, consider this 3-pack from OEAGO. This is just your typical precision-cut TPU flexible film that’s rugged, tough, scratch-resistant and self-healing. It’ll definitely keep your phone safe without spending a bunch of money.

5. MagGlass Tempered Glass Protector with Cutout

$17 at Amazon

With these new in-display fingerprint scanners some tempered glass screen protectors don’t work with the fingerprint scanner at all, or if they do, not very good. And while some claim to be “compatible” if you’d rather not risk it or deal with failed readings, just get the MagGlass. This is a tough hardened tempered piece of glass with a small circle cutout near the bottom for the fingerprint scanner. That way you get protection without missing features.

6. PULEN LiquidSkin TPU Film 3-Pack

$10 at Amazon

Last but not least, for now, is a brand we’ve used in the past. PULEN’s LiqiudSkin film offers a flexible and easy installation, 99.9% clarity, self-healing properties and it won’t discolor over time. They’re tough TPU films with an extra layer over the top for durability and dependability. Then, they add another layer that protects against oil, water, fingerprints, and dust from accumulating on the surface. These are a great option, cheap, and you get three of them.

We’ll continue to look for the best or new screen protectors for your big new phone, so stay tuned. We’ll update this post with the best Galaxy S20 Ultra screen protectors as they’re released.

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