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6 Best Galaxy S9 Wallet Cases



VRS Design Hybrid Wallet

VRS Design Hybrid Wallet

Our next Galaxy S9 wallet case is highly useful and versatile, but it's certainly not sleek. If you're not worried about having a thin case, but would rather hold more credit cards and have tons of protection, this is for you. 

The VRS Design "Damda" Hybrid wallet case is worth considering simply because it holds up to 5 cards at a time. This is similar to the Spigen wallet, as in no one will ever know you're carrying your wallet at the same time. Everything hides behind a swing-out door for privacy and security. That way you'll never accidentally lose a credit card.

That fold-out door doubles as a kickstand, for hands-free movies and Netflix. However, the best part about this somewhat bulky case is the rugged and durable design. Your phone will remain completely safe while you can carry 5 cards in private. Give it a try. 

Buy it Now on Amazon for $19.99

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