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Best Golf Apps To Up Your Game in 2020



Whether you are just getting back into golf after a break or looking to improve your game with the help of an app instead of another expensive gadget, you need to check out the best Golf apps for 2020.

I’m a casual golfer who is always looking for a way to improve my game, especially now that I’m playing with better golfers more often. These are the golf apps that I’ve found helpful as I work to take a few strokes off my game, hit the ball better and have more fun when I’m out with a group.

18 Birdies Golf GPS App (Free)

The 18 Birdies Golf GPS app is a free app that helps you know how far you are from the hole using your phone’s GPS location. It’s incredibly accurate and it is free to use the basic version. It even supports the Apple Watch and Android Wear, so you can see distance at a glance on your wrist.

This takes the place of a dedicated GPS rangefinder and it is useful for a casual player like myself who is often trying to figure out the distance and which club to use. There is a premium version for $5 a month that ads in discounts, more course information and even video lessons.

Download 18 Birdies on iPhone or Android for free.

Zepp Golf (Free)

The Zepp Golf app is free to download and use with your iPhone or Android. It offers a swing tracking feature that is free with the Apple Watch, and that is the main reason I’m including this app on my list.

If you buy the Zepp Sensor you can analyze your golf swing with instant evaluations and information to help you become a better golfer.

You can get the app on iPhone and Android, and it is free to use as a score tracker with GPS, but the biggest benefits are with the Apple Watch or the Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer.

Download Zepp Golf on iPhone or Android for free.

Golfshot GPS (Free)

The Golfshot app offers up the distance to the green as well as information on hazards for over 40,000 courses. It tracks scores with a digital scorecard for a variety of games and you can even set up tee time invites for friends.

The most appealing feature for me is the real-time club recommendations, which saves me from looking at my partner’s club or asking another person in my group what they think I should use in a situation where I’m on the fence. It includes an Apple Watch app as well as Android Wear support.

There is also a Pro membership with a variety of other benefits and added features.

Download Golfshot GPS on iPhone or Android for free.

Hole19 (Free)

Hole19 is a free app that works with your iPhone, Android, Apple Watch and Android Wear to help you know the range to the green, see great quality overhead views and it offers top-notch looks for a free Golf app.

You can easily see the distance to the green and the scoring section is great for tracking your game and seeing how you are improving over time. You can also book tee times and share your stats easily on social media.

With the Premium membership, you can use an AR mode and Siri Shortcuts as well as other benefits.

Download Hole19 on iPhone or Android for free.

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor ($499)

If you are looking to take your golf game to the next level, the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is a very tempting option. This is a small device that tracks your swing, shot range and helps you become a better golfer with coaching. To use this app, you do need the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor to pair up with your phone. With club detection, shot tracing, video recordings and stat history you get a wealth of data and guidance to become a better golfer.

We have one in for further testing and will update with a full review after we are able to fully test.

$499 at Amazon and Rapsodo

Golf Scope AR Green Reading ($4.99/Mo)

Improve your putting with this AR golf app.

Improve your putting with this AR golf app.

The Golf Scope app uses AR on the iPhone to read the green and help you figure out how to read a green yourself as well as how to put better. If your short game needs work, this may be the best app you can download.

This is only on iPhone right now and it can read the green and then show you a live view of it on your phone. It is $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year and there are free trials. It takes a little time to read the green, so it isn’t something that will be there the instant you pull your phone out, so it’s good for learning or playing with patient players. If your group loves to move fast, it’s not going to be a great fit, but the developer is working on speed improvements.

Definitely check it out and see if it can help your putting game.

Download Golf Scope AR on the iPhone.

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