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6 Best Google Pixel 3 Screen Protectors



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SuperShieldz Japanese Film 6-Pack

SuperShieldz Japanese Film 6-Pack

Ok, we know some people are accident-prone, or simply go through a lot of screen protectors. If that's you, we recommend this 6-pack of Japanese film from Supershieldz. This is a brand we typically recommend for its durable tempered glass, but sometimes a cheap film is all you need. 

And, if more than one family member got the Pixel 3 (from Verizon's buy one get one deal) you'll want to make sure they're both protected. 

This isn't your typical tempered glass, but it's still really strong. You're getting a military-grade Japanese film that heals itself from scratches, absorbs impacts from drops, prevents shattered screens, and won't discolor over time. If for any reason you manage to blow through all six or ruin the film, they offer a lifetime warranty replacement. 

Buy it Now for $6.99 on Amazon

We'll update this list with more protection as it's released, or we test quality products that'll keep your phone safe. 

6 / 6
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Khalisee

    11/16/2018 at 2:45 am

    I bought a screen protector from GadgetShieldz for my Pixel 3 because you know Pixel devices are very good when it comes to performance but the display doesn’t seem to be very impressive. And here is where GS ultra-thin screen protector seems to be helpful, offering both protection and keeping display clarify intact.’

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