10 Best Google Pixel 3a Cases
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10 Best Google Pixel 3a Cases



TopACE Rubber TPU Clear Guard

TopACE Rubber TPU Clear Guard

If you're looking for cheap, clear, effective protection for your Pixel 3a we have you covered. The TopACE Rubber TPU Guard is the perfect case for those on a budget. It's only $8 yet will keep your new phone safe. 

The case is made from a flexible rubber-plastic material known as TPU. They've added a scratch-resistant layer over the TPU so it won't discolor, fade, or get all scratched up over time. Plus, it's clear so people can see that fancy purple-ish color of the Pixel 3a. Well, if you chose that color, of course. 

Basically, this is just a good cheap case that gets the job done. 

Buy it Now on Amazon for $8

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