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Best Sleep Headphones to Buy in 2019



If you have trouble falling asleep, you aren’t alone. Millions of people deal with sleep problems every night. The best sleep headphones and earbuds can help you call asleep faster and even stay asleep.

We’ve tried, and you can’t just use any headphones for sleeping. Most earbuds and headphones are too bulky and uncomfortable to let you easily fall asleep in any position, but the best sleep headphones are slim, comfortable and easy to fall asleep with while they are on.

I use SleepPhones Effortless to fall asleep every night, and I’ve tested many other headphones to wear while you sleep. After weeding out some that just don’t work, I’ve found the best that you can buy in 2019.

You can get wireless or wired options. Some of these headphones are a headband design, while others are slim earbuds or noise canceling ear buds that fit tightly. You’ll need to find your perfect pair based on comfort, but we have you covered with the best options in 2019.

Why You Need Sleep Headphones

Use the best sleep headphones available to fall asleep faster.

Use the best sleep headphones available to fall asleep faster.

There are many reasons you need sleep headphones in your life. If you need to drown out light snoring, these can do the job easily. They can also help with white noise without bothering someone else in the room. My wife is not up for me playing music, audiobooks or white noise out loud in the bedroom and I don’t blame her. This lets me listen to Audible or music while I fall asleep without bothering her. Some of these options even connect directly to your TV, so you can watch TV without bothering someone sleeping next to you.

Listening to music, specifically classical music, is linked to better sleep quality. There are also special sleep tracks and playlists designed to help users fall asleep faster and white noise apps that can drown out annoying noises. A new trend is listening to ASMR tracks to fall asleep.

Best Sleep Headphones for 2019

Whatever your reason, these are the best headphones for sleeping. Most of these are wired, but we did find some Bluetooth headphones for sleeping in. Expect to spend at least $40 for a good pair of headphones to wear in bed, with prices approaching $100 for the wireless models. Here are the best headphones for sleeping;

  1. SleepPhones – $39.95
  2. SleepPhones Effortless – $149.95
  3. BedPhones – $89.95
  4. BedPhones Wireless – $149.95
  5. Bose Noise Masking Sleepbuds – $249.00
  6. Cheap Sleeping Headphones – $15.00
  7. Bluetooth Sleeping Headphones – $99.95
  8. TellyPhones Bluetooth Sleep Headphones for Your TV – $149.95
  9. SoftSpeaker – $24.55

Sometimes I use my Bose QC35 as noise cancelling headphones for sleeping when I really need to block out sound, but they aren’t as comfortable to wear with my head on a pillow. If you’re looking for something like that, check out the Bose Sleepbuds.

In our experience, expect good sound, but nothing approaching audiophile quality on the $100 or less earbuds. There will be some noise leaking out that may irritate light sleepers nearby, but with a little volume control this is remedied pretty easily.


A tried and true classic pair of sleep headphones.

A tried and true classic pair of sleep headphones.

Acousticsheep SleepPhones are probably the most well known headphones for sleeping, with slim speakers in a stretchable headband. This includes a cord that runs out the back to a MP3 player or smartphone.

The band is washable and is made of a soft material to stay comfortable overnight. The standard version includes a fleece-style material, but there is a lighter material that users can choose.

There are a number of upgrades available to expand the comfort and convenience of SleepPhones. Users can add a microphone and volume cord for $20. There is a wireless version of these as well. The headphones include a 48-inch cord and are available in a variety of colors.

$39.95 at Amazon

SleepPhones Effortless

My favorite pair of wireless headphones for sleeping.

My favorite pair of wireless headphones for sleeping.

If you are able to pay a premium, the SleepPhones Effortless headphones for sleep deliver the best experience you can buy. These are perfect for side sleepers.

In addition to Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to listen without wires all night long, these SleepPhones include wireless charging. Simply place the headphones on an included base and they will recharge so you are ready to use them the next night.

I’ve been using these for several years and they are simply amazing. The sound quality is above average for sleep headphones and they are super comfortable to wear all night. I turn a lot at night and with these I don’t need to worry about a wire catching on sheets, a pillow or my arm and throwing my phone off the nightstand.

With a 13-hour battery life, great sound and a comfortable fit the SleepPhones Effortless headphones deliver everything you need to get a good night of sleep. Check out our SleepPhones Effortless review for more.

$149.95 at Amazon


A nice alternative to headband style sleep headphones.

A nice alternative to headband style sleep headphones.

Bedphones are a pair of sleep  headphones I’ve used to sleep with for over a year. These small, thin headphones don’t quite disappear while laying my head on a pillow, but it is comfortable enough that I can fall asleep with them on.

The cord is long enough to keep a phone on the nightstand and while I often wake up with them on the floor, I don’t get tangled up and I have yet to pull my phone off the nightstand.

If you’ve used an older model it is worth looking into the more durable new version that includes more comfortable ear wraps with a better fit to your head and a thicker cord. These are nice earbuds for sleeping in.

$89.95 at BedPhones

BedPhones Wireless

A cool wireless sleep headphones option from Bedphones.

A cool wireless sleep headphones option from Bedphones.

BedPhones also makes a wireless model that you can use without plugging into your phone. This is a great option for people who don’t want to use a headband style option due to heat or comfort. These super thin earbud style headphones sit on your ears and you can still lay your head down on your pillow without an earbud tip poking into your ear.

With a 13-hour battery and in line controls you get a nice package that is a great option if you live in a hot climate and after using the an earlier wired model I’m a fan of this design and comfort level.

A small cord runs from earbud to earbud and it includes two battery modules with in line controls and a microphone in case you want to use them to take a call or to use a voice assistant.

$149.95 at BedPhones

Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds

Bose sleep headphones will mask the noise, but you can't play your own content.

Bose sleep headphones will mask the noise, but you can’t play your own content.

While most of the sleep headphones on our list are designed to slide over your ears and don’t block out much noise, Bose is taking a different approach. Their noise-masking sleep buds from Bose are tiny earbuds that slide into your ears and play pre-loaded sounds to mask noise like snoring or noisy neighbors.

Bose designed these to slip into your ear for the whole night, and to play the noise masking sounds all night long, not just when you are starting to fall asleep. The sound volume is limited to 70 dBA, which means they are safe for continuous listening for eight hours.

It’s important to note that these options don’t let you connect to a phone to stream music or an audiobook. When you set an alarm using the app, it will play through the earbuds.

$249 at Amazon

Cheap Sleep Headphones

The cheapest sleep headphones worth buying.

The cheapest sleep headphones worth buying.

Not all sleep focused headphones are expensive. You can pick up a pair under $15 on Amazon, which are super thin and can easily be worn while you sleep. The CozyPhones Sleep Headphones come with removable speakers and a 52-inch cable to plug into your phone or tablet.

You can play all your own music or watch a movie on your tablet without disturbing anyone else. This is a great option for users that want nice headphones for sleeping in, without spending a lot of money.

$14.97 at Amazon

Bluetooth Sleeping Headphones

After switching from Bedphones to SleepPhones wireless Bluetooth headphones for sleeping they are an amazing product and essential to a great night’s sleep without disturbing my wife.

Read: SleepPhones Wireless Review

The battery life lasts about a week with 15-30 minutes of active listening every night and then the headphones remaining on until morning thanks to using a sleep option on the iPhone.

The headband and headphones inside are comfortable and the small Bluetooth and battery module in the back is thin and flexible enough it doesn’t get in the way of sleeping on my back or my side. If you find fleece too warm, you can choose a new lighter headphone band.

$99.95 at Amazon

TellyPhones Bluetooth Sleep Headphones for Your TV

Listen to your TV in bed.

Listen to your TV in bed.

TellyPhones are a special version of SleepPhones that include an adapter to connect to your TV so that you can listen wirelessly to your TV in bed without bothering someone sleeping next to you.

The TellyPhones connect to your TV with RCA, USB or 3.5mm so you can listen to the audio from almost any source including a TV, computer and smartphone. There is a 10-13 hour battery inside the wireless sleep headphones and multiple headphone band options.

This is similar to the SleepPhones Wireless headphones we currently use, but with a Bluetooth adapter for your TV.

$149.95 at Amazon


A speaker in your pillow is another option if you don't want headphones of any kind.

A speaker in your pillow is another option if you don’t want headphones of any kind.

If you can’t wear headphones, but still want to listen to music while you fall asleep a speaker pillow might be the right solution.

This small speaker sits between your head and the pillow so you can listen to music without blasting it loud enough for others to hear. There is a small volume control in the wire, and a 6.5 foot cord for connectivity.

$24.55 at Amazon



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    And ended up buying the bedphones. Really happy with them.

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    I bought two pairs of SleepPhones, but they each died a little longer after I bought them. Decent sound, very comfortable, but terrible quality. Never again.

  14. Lauren

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    AcousticSheep Sleep Phones are the best in my opinion… Watched them first on … Discover asmr is also good to look for some new asmr/sleeping stuff

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