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10 Best HTC U12+ Cases



TUDIA Merge Series Case

TUDIA Merge Series Case

Another fan-favorite case and something we always recommend is the TUDA Merge series. This case uses a special dual-layer design to ensure it's more durable and rugged than most on our list, without making it bulky, thick, or hard to carry. 

Basically, this is a slim yet rugged case for your HTC U12+. It has an impact-absorbing inner layer made out of TPU like most cases. Then, they add a hard polycarbonate plastic on the outside on 4-5 different color choices. This makes it stronger, prevents damage, yet remains thin. It's a great style that was first made popular by Incipio. 

The precise cutouts for the buttons, camera, and thin sides means everything still works, including the squeeze feature and those unique touch-volume buttons. 

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