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10 Best HTC U12+ Cases



Encased Slimline Holster Series

Encased Slimline Holster Series

Encased is another brand people love and trust, especially all those iPhone users. The Encased Slimline series is an extremely durable and rugged case that uses an ultra-slim rubberized design with a few different accessory options. 

This case has a solid polycarbonate core with soft TPU outer edges to ensure it's durable without being too bulky. They round the edges on the back too, making it easier to hold and use. Then, there's a built-in reinforced metal kickstand for hands-free movies, video, or for those who want to prop it up for instructions while at a job site. 

When you're all done put it safely screen-first into the belt holster and continue on with your busy day. 

Buy it Now for $13 on Amazon

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