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Best iPhone 6s Plus Accessories



There are the best iPhone 6s Plus accessories that you can buy to do more with your new iPhone. From productivity to travel and entertainment we have you covered with the essential iPhone 6s Plus accessories you should add to your shopping list.

The team at Gotta Be Mobile uses these accessories to make our iPhone 6s Plus do more at work and while relaxing. These are our favorite iPhone accessories and we think you will enjoy them as much as we do.

We’ll add to this list as we discover more iPhone 6s Plus accessories that wow us, but for now this short list is what we think you should invest in when you start looking for essential add-ons for your new iPhone.

GottaBeMobile_AwardBadge_Best-accessoriesYou can also check out the best iPhone 6s Plus apps that will help you expand what you can do on your new iPhone.

One thing we love about the big screen on the iPhone 6s Plus is that it lends itself to more productivity tasks than the iPhone 6s. With a larger screen we find ourselves doing more productive tasks, even writing out answers to long emails and typing up reports with a keyboard that allows us to leave a laptop at home and still be ready for work emergencies .

The big screen is also a great place to play games and to watch TV shows, and if you plan to do either for very long you will need a battery and a stand.

Here are the essential Phone 6s Plus accessories we think you should buy.

iPhone 6s Plus Case

iPhone 6s Plus Case

The iPhone 6s Plus is already pretty big, but we think an iPhone 6s Plus case is an essential accessory to add to your new iPhone. Apple's new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are easier to grip than the models they replace, but there are still too many ways to break the iPhone 6s Plus with a drop.

You can check out our selection of the best iPhone 6s Plus cases to see what options we recommend for adding style and protection to your iPhone 6s Plus.

While you can always go caseless, it's a risky option for many users without AppleCare


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