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5 Best LG G4 Screen Protectors



The impressive new LG G4 has a beautiful hand-made genuine leather design on the back, along with a big and bright 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 Quad-HD (2K) resolution display around front. It’s arguably one of the best phones around and has a great screen. Those wanting to keep the screen looking brand new and scratch free will want to get one of the five screen protectors outlined below.

Screens are one of the first things to get damaged on a smartphone, and are often broken due to drops, scratched from keys or being tossed in a purse, and many other scenarios. Luckily for LG G4 owners there is a vast selection of screen protectors that will keep the LG G4 looking new for years.

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Screen protectors are nothing new to smartphone owners, but choosing the right one can often times be challenging. There are tons of options and cheap variety packs on Amazon, most of which are nothing but cheap flimsy covers that don’t last. Read on for our list of some of the best LG G4 screen protectors available today.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 12.22.46 PM

Out of the box the LG G4 is rather durable. It is very lightweight and comes in a solid plastic design, or genuine leather on the back. Then on the front it has strengthened and hardened Gorilla Glass 4 covering the display. This protects it from small scratches during daily use, and will also save it from breaking if dropped.

However, even with the extremely strong Gorilla Glass 4 on front, scratches can still happen. Keys and drops can cause damage to the screen, not to mention a wide array of other situations that harm a device. Luckily most of the popular manufacturers offer impressive screen protectors, even ones made of glass to protect the LG G4.

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Buying a screen protector and installing it is extremely simple, however, owners don’t want to buy one of the cheap plastic or “HD covers” found on eBay or in carrier stores. While they’re cheap and do an ok job, they won’t last or hold up to the test of daily wear and tear, or the test of time. Getting an actual glass screen protector is the best route, and below are five quality options worth considering.

Supershieldz Glass

Supershieldz Glass

Sadly some of the more popular names in screen protection and accessories have yet to release options for the LG G4, but that doesn't mean quality options aren't available. Supershieldz is a brand we've used a lot in the past, and they make a durable and wallet friendly strengthened and hardened glass screen protector. 

This means you'll be getting durable glass over the glass on your screen. It won't feel rubbery like some screen protectors, and it won't get all scratched very quick either.

They claim their cover protects the phone from high impact drops and is 3x stronger than most screen guards. It's a durable glass material that installs easily with no liquids or solution, and bubble free. They're cheap too, usually $30 but on sale for $7.99.

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  2. Porkin

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    *it’s got Gorrilla Glass 3
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