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Best MicroSD Cards for the Moto Z & Moto Z Droid



Just as knowledge is power, so too is storage. Storage doesn’t necessarily improve the performance of an Android powered smartphone, but it does ensure that you have enough space to keep all the things you care about a few screen taps away. Moto Z, Lenovo’s latest flagship smartphone that’s also being sold as the Moto Z Droid, comes equipped with lots of storage. If for some reason you need even more, you can add more storage to the Moto Z using MicroSD cards.

Devices that support MicroSD cards, have slots hidden in plain sight that accept them. Though they come in many storage capacities from many different brands, they’re physically always the same shape and size. Because of these attributes, MicroSD cards are a universal standard for storage on smartphones and tablets. The Moto Z and Moto Z Droid accept MicroSD Cards inside of the same tray that holds their SIM Cards. To open this tray, you simply stick the SIM tool included with the device in the hole on the tray.

The Moto Z comes with 64 GB of storage inside. As long as your apps, games, video and music collection doesn’t grow larger than that, you don’t have to worry about getting a MicroSD card for your device. That being said, there’s no need to take less photos or delete parts of your music collection to avoid going over your storage allotment. Instead, add a MicroSD to your Moto Z.

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MicroSD cards come in storage capacities starting at 512MBs. It’s your choice to add as little or as much storage capacity as you want. The Moto Z supports SD cards up to 2TBs in capacity. Besides brand and storage capacity, MicroSD cards come in different speeds. That can make things a bit confusing when you’re trying to get the best MicroSD card for your Moto Z.

Here’s the best MicroSD Cards for the Moto Z and Moto Z Play.

Samsung 64GB EVO Select - $19.99

Samsung 64GB EVO Select - $19.99

 The Samsung 64GB EVO Select MicroSD Card has a transfer speed of 80MB/s per second. That’s the rate at which it can accept and send information to your Moto Z. At that speed, you can load it up with all your favorite games and apps, but not have your phone load either as slowly as some other MicroSD cards. It’s also rated against x-rays and water damage.

Samsung includes an adapter with the Samsung 64GB Evo Select MicroSD Cards. This adapter allows you to stick the card into full-size SD card slots on notebooks, desktops and cameras.

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