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Best MicroSD Cards for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9



The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with 128GB of storage, double that of previous Samsung phones. And while that’s plenty for most, some users will need a microSD card to get more space. These are the best Galaxy Note 9 microSD cards and what you need to know before you buy one.

We’ll go over microSD storage sizes, speeds and ratings, then share a video on how to quickly install an SD card into your Note 9.

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If you have a lot of music or plan on shooting tons of 4K or slow-mo video, a microSD is highly recommended. We’ve found a few under $20 that will give you a little extra space. Or, you can spend upwards of $150 for class-leading speeds and over 500GB of storage space.

Besides the obvious increase in storage space, one of the main reasons to buy a microSD card is for better performance. Essentially, they help apps run smooth, games open quicker and can even improve 4k video quality. Plus, the phone automatically saves photos and video to the SD when you add one, making this entire process very simple.

Keep in mind that most retail stores like Verizon, AT&T or even Best Buy are extremely overpriced. That said, Best Buy will price match other stores. Then, use the SIM slot removal tool that comes in the box to remove the SIM tray and install the SD card. Slide the tray back in and you’ve instantly added another 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB of space in seconds.

In closing, the recommended size for most owners is 64GB. As that gives you a decent storage upgrade without breaking the bank. Or, pay a little more to get tons of space and even better performance. Choose one from our slideshow below and enjoy everything the Galaxy Note 9 can do.

Samsung 64GB Evo+ MicroSD Card

Samsung 64GB Evo+ MicroSD Card
$23.00 from Amazon

Now that microSD cards are extremely affordable you'll be amazed at how much space you can get on your phone. In fact, for under $100 you can easily add more space to the Note 9 than most laptops have these days. 

MicroSD cards are no longer $200-$300 like a few years ago. Instead, you can get one for less than $25 and have nearly 200GB of space on the Galaxy Note 9.

Additionally, we recommend only buying a card that is "Class 10" or says "UHS-1 or UHS-II" if you want the best performance. Class 10 gets visualized by a small circle with a 10 printed inside it right on the card. Our image above shows the "U" branding for UHS. Here in 2018 most should say that or the new "A1" standard. Furthermore, you might as well buy an official Samsung SD card for your Samsung phone, right?

If you buy at the right time, an excellent card like this Samsung 64GB microSD chip can be found for under $20 online, or around $50-75 at local stores.

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