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The 2015 NFL season is finally here after months of waiting, and if you’re like me, you probably have at least one or two Fantasy Football teams lined up for the year. Ready for all the action, injuries, trash talk and more amongst friends or co-workers. Those looking to track their fantasy teams, get an edge on the competition and more will want to check out the apps detailed below.

Typically users will just use the Fantasy Football app for each league. Meaning use the NFL Fantasy app for, or Yahoo Fantasy Sports if it’s a Yahoo league. And while that’s fine and the easiest way to manage a team from an Android smartphone, we have a few other apps to help users get the most from the NFL season, their fantasy team, and even help you win.

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There are hundreds of apps to learn more details about players, draft the best team, keep track of the latest news, and even watch NFL games live. However, we’re focusing just on Fantasy Football here, along with news and highlights. Let’s get started and hopefully you’ll win your league, as long as you have a good draft and a healthy team.


Fantasy Football is huge and gets bigger each and every year. We have dedicated channels to covering the Fantasy side of sports, apps to help you win, and even fantasy stats showing on the bottom of the NFL Network and often ESPN. It isn’t going anywhere, so give it a try today with a few of the apps outlined below.

Yahoo Fantasy Football

Oddly enough up there with the NFL and CBS, Yahoo is one of the top three most popular sites and apps for Fantasy Football. Being one of the most popular, it had to make our list. The app isn’t my favorite, and not nearly as user friendly as the ESPN app, but it works good, has a dedicated chat room for trash talk, and plenty to offer.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 1.13.30 PM

Inside of the app you can see your matchup, see player news, injury reports and details, as well as manage your team, pickup players off the waiver wire, and even follow expert advise. If you can’t manage your team from a computer, download the official Yahoo Fantasy Football app. I’m not a fan of the Fantasy app, but the Yahoo Sports App is actually my favorite app for news, scores, and tracking any sport, so get that too.

ESPN Fantasy Football

My favorite app for Fantasy Football over the past few years has been ESPN. It’s very plain, clear, and simple. There isn’t much to it, but that makes it very easy to understand and navigate. The teams are all listed out, checking the scoreboard or standings is easy with the slide-out menu to the left, and clicking a players name gives you news, updates, injury reports, and a drop or add button all in one page.


Essentially everything you need is on the screen, in the slide-out menu, or on a players profile. It’s very simple. Dropping and adding new players is so much easier on the ESPN Fantasy app than Yahoo, but everyone has their own preference.

It also offers tons of push notifications and real time alerts, injury reports, scores, and alerts you if a player in the starting position is hurt, or on a bye week. It helps you manage a team with ease, and looks good doing it too.

There’s even an area to tag each player on your fantasy team just to track their news, vs the entire NFL to streamline your research and information.

Download ESPN Fantasy Football

CBS Sports Fantasy

One of the most popular sites and apps for NFL Fantasy is CBS, not the NFL. Using the CBS Sports Fantasy app users can do live and mock drafts right on their smartphone, shows projected, actual, and last years stats everywhere (like ESPN), and has everything from news and advice, player profiles with news and status updates, and some of the best team management around.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 1.23.44 PM

What makes CBS Sports Fantasy the best though, is all the die-hard fantasy players can control and watch multiple fantasy teams all through one app. You can import your Yahoo, ESPN, or fantasy team to the CBS Sports Fantasy app. Making it an all-in-one solution. Then get the same sit/start advice for all your teams, not just CBS. It truly is the best option around in my opinion, and worth trying even if you aren’t using CBS for your fantasy league.

Download CBS Fantasy

NFL Fantasy Football

We have to mention it, but to be honest, the NFL Fantasy Football app is by far the worst one in our list. Last year it was laggy, glitched out all the time, often made users hit the wrong button, and I ended up resorting to using my computer exclusively to manage my team. It improved slightly for 2015, but I can’t promise it’ll be any better than prior years.


That said, the NFL Fantasy Football app does have tons of official live video, news and highlights, lets you manage your team right inside the app, and actually has a pretty excellent user interface, if it would just work right all the time.

It has some of the fastest news and updates on players, scores and injuries, but the interface just struggles at times, which is too bad. That said, give it a try today.

Download NFL Fantasy Football

numberFire Cheat App

Everyone wants to have an advantage over other teams and players, just ask the Patriots. An app called numberFire has been around for a while, and promises to boost your win percentage and total scores by nearly 15% each week, and a 30% increase to win the entire season. I’ll let you know at the end of the season how it works out.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 1.31.38 PM

The app isn’t too great, and crashes somewhat often on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, but does give some impressively detailed analysis, stats, and information about who to sit and start each week based on who that player is facing.

You can ask the community, use the built-in sit/start tool, check updates and news for injury reports, and much much more. This app will even help with the draft, but everyone should have already drafted by now. Otherwise you missed out on tons of points from Tom Brady last night when he threw for four TDs.

Download numberFire

NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet

Last but not least, for those playing for hard-earned cash in a big league with a buy-in, you’ll want all the help you can get. For just $4.99 users can buy and download the NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet app with tons of helpful information and tools.

The Cheat Sheet app is one of the most popular apps around, but this only helps players before the draft. Meaning if you are a slacker and didn’t draft yet, get this, and it’ll ensure the best draft as possible.


The most important part of any fantasy team is draft day. NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet gives users all the tools, information, and insider details to select the best player, sleeper picks, and choices based on PPR leagues, and all the variations of Fantasy football. Give it a try today, and good luck.

Download NFL Cheat Sheet

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