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5 Best Portable Power Stations



In this guide we’ll share a list of the best portable power stations available in 2019, ones that are basically big battery packs. These devices are perfect for a camping trip to the wild outdoors, good to have for emergencies, or are simply a great way to keep all your gadgets charged up on the go. Even if that gadget is a refrigerator.

Having portable power is almost a necessity these days, especially if you like going off the grid or live somewhere with frequent blackouts. Not only do these portable “generators” deliver reliable power for phones, tablets and other gadgets, but most come with AC wall outlets too. Not to mention they’re small, lightweight and easy to carry.

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  • Portable power stations are essential for power outages or emergencies and great for camping trips, a family cabin, or anywhere else you need juice on the go.
  • These high-capacity batteries can recharge a smartphone 30-40 times, start your car, run a CPAP machine, or power small appliances like a coffee machine, TV or fridge.
  • We’ve tested several devices and the Jackery Explorer 240 is a great place to start.

While there are countless different types of portable chargers these days, the devices in our roundup below are on a completely different level. They’re not your average portable battery that can only recharge a phone a few times. Instead, these “generator alternatives” can deliver power to almost anything. From phones to a mini-fridge, fan, TV or your drone.

Traditionally, you’d use something like a big loud gas-powered generator for some of those devices, but that’s no longer the case. Now, you can get safe and reliable power in a small portable battery station that weighs around 5-10 lbs.

With so many options available or hard to understand power, Wh wattage, and mAh ratings, it can get overwhelming. As a result, we’ve gathered a few of the best portable power stations in our slideshow below. Power from reputable brands that’ll be perfect for any occasion or situation.

Jackery Explorer 240Wh

Jackery Explorer 240Wh

Jackery has been a popular name in portable power for years, and its latest line of power stations and emergency backup lithium battery packs are perfect for any job. 

Like its name suggests, this portable battery is a Jack-of-all-trades and perfect for the explorer in you. Take it on a multi-day camping trip or have it charged up and ready for a power outage. When you do need it, you'll have several different options to charge just about anything you own. 

You can recharge a smartphone around 18 times, a GoPro Hero 7 over 40 times during a week-long vacation, recharge your laptop, or run a mini-fridge or TV for several hours. 

That's because the built-in 240Wh (16.8Ah, 14.4V) battery delivers power from the AC-Outlet, carport cigarette lighter, or two USB output ports. 

The Jackery 240 isn't the biggest or the best, but it's only 6.6 lbs, small enough to hold with one hand, and it's only $249. It's a great way to get started with portable battery stations, and they offer an optional solar charger for all you die-hards.  

Buy it Now on Amazon for $249

or, get the Jackery 500 for even more power, 3 USB output ports, and two DC plugs giving you even more options. I use the Jackery 500 for all my trips and it powers the refrigerator in my truck overnight, then charges itself from the cigarette lighter as I travel, drive, or off-road. 

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