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Best Samsung Galaxy J7 Cases (2018)



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Nillkin Slim Hard Case

Nillkin Slim Hard Case

Last but not least, for now, is a durable and sleek case from Nillkin. A brand we've used on the Galaxy S8, S9, Pixel 2 and more. Nillkin makes premium cases that are super thin out of a hard polycarbonate plastic frame. So while it looks like a typical cheap TPU case, it's more rugged than you think. 

The Nillkin case for the 2018 Galaxy J7 Duo comes in four colors and has a textured dot-matrix finish for added texture and durability. That texture also makes it easier to hold and less slippery. And finally, they offer a screen protector in the box with each case. So one low price will completely protect your Galaxy J7. 

Buy it Now on Amazon for $9.99

Again, we'll update this slideshow as more top brands release protection for Samsung's budget smartphones. 

5 / 5
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