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Best Galaxy S20 Screen Protectors



These are the best Galaxy S20 screen protectors worth buying that will actually fit. With a screen this big you’ll want to have protection ready the day your phone arrives. Samsung’s S20 comes with a plastic screen protector pre-installed, but we recommend something better and more durable from our list below.

Before we begin, we want to mention that the Galaxy S20 screen isn’t as curved as previous years, so a lot of tempered glass protectors aren’t working as well as we expected. With that in mind, we’ve dug through reviews and found a few excellent durable glass Galaxy S20 screen protectors, cheap films, and other options worth considering to keep your phone safe.

1. Spigen NeoFlex Film Screen Protector for Galaxy S20 (2-Pack)

$9 at Amazon

As we all know, film protectors aren’t as durable or safe as tempered glass, but they’re cheap and easier to install on your phone. The Spigen NeoFlex is a case-friendly flexible TPU film that’s super durable and will fit on the Galaxy S20 even if you use a case. In fact, they’re designed to perfectly fit the curved edge of the screen and go under your Spigen case.

2. Whitestone Dome Glass UV Protectors (2-Pack)

$60 at Amazon

Our first Galaxy S20 tempered glass option comes from Whitestone, who’s Dome Glass is some of the best on the market. It’s expensive, but you’re getting a rugged scratch and shatter-resistant glass that goes on your phone with an included UV glue light kit and easy installation tray. This ensures a perfect bubble-free install so the in-display fingerprint scanner continues to work perfectly. And, you’re getting two in case the first one breaks.

3. TAURI TPU Film Screen Protectors (3-Pack)

$9 at Amazon

TAURI offers a three-pack of flexible TPU film that’s easy to install and covers the entire display from top to bottom. We like that the front-camera cutout isn’t just a circle and is open-ended so dust and debris won’t build up on your camera and screen. They promise an easy bubble-free installation, and you get three of them in case you mess up the first time. It’s good to have extras.

4. Olixar Case-friendly Tempered Glass

$20 at Olixar

Olixar’s tempered glass perfectly fits the entire phone while offering a guarantee that a case won’t pull up and ruin your screen protection. They achieve this using a curved piece of durable chemically strengthened and tempered glass. It has a nice black border to blend in with your Galaxy S20, but keep in mind that this glass has a circular cutout in the middle for the fingerprint scanner. So a small area of the screen will be open to the elements, dirt, and debris.

5. amFilm Tempered Glass UK Kit (2-Pack)

$39 at Amazon

So far, most tempered glass screen protectors haven’t worked nearly as well as we expected and have terrible reviews. That said, the amFilm was the most popular glass for past Samsung devices, it has great reviews, and the new special adhesive and UV light curing process ensures it fits great, won’t come off, and the fingerprint scanner still works.

If you’re looking for an affordable tempered glass screen protector for the Galaxy S20 consider amFilm. It’s similar to the Whitestone but not nearly as expensive, yet you still get two protectors for one low price. I used amFilm on my S8, S9 and Note 10 Plus, so give it a try.

6. Gadget Guard Black Flex Protector & Insurance

$50+ at Gadget Guard

Last but not least, we wanted to recommend something a little different. A protector that comes with screen replacement insurance. The Gadget Guard Black Ice Flex screen protector is a 3D curved flexible film that’s more rugged than your typical cheap film. It should definitely keep your Galaxy S20 screen safe.

Additionally, the company offers insurance and will help you pay for a screen replacement if the display breaks instead of the screen protector. You can buy the Gadget Guard outright, but if you choose the insured version at $59, which includes one year of insurance, reimbursing customers for up to $150 to replace a damaged screen. They even have a $250 option, but keep in mind there are limits and you have to register your device within a certain window. Still, it’s a nice option worth considering. 

We will continue to update this list of the best Samsung Galaxy S20 screen protectors as more become available and we try them all ourselves.

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