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Best Google Pixel 3 XL Screen Protectors



InvisibleShield VisionGuard

InvisibleShield VisionGuard

Invisibleshield by ZAGG is a brand everyone should know by now. They've been around since the first Android and iPhone ever released. They're a pioneer in smartphone screen protection. 

The latest product from ZAGG is its VisionGuard tempered glass. This gives you everything our other tempered glass screen protectors deliver for the Pixel 3 XL, and then some. The company promises its VisionGuard glass has a high-energy blue light filter designed to keep your eyes safe too. This filters certain lights from smartphones that keeps us awake at night, irritates eyes, and causes strain. It's like Night Mode built into your favorite screen protector. 

Basically, they claim it'll protect your eyes and your Pixel 3 XL screen. Plus, it's ZAGG so everything else you've come to expect remains true with this screen protector. 

Buy it Now for $44.99 from ZAGG

And if you need one RIGHT now, you can get ZAGG from a nearby Best Buy to keep your phone Pixel perfect. 

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