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10 Best Third Person Shooter Games for iPhone



Fortnite for iPhone

Fortnite for iPhone

Stick with us and this list will get better. We promise. For now though, Fortnite and PUBG are the bread and butter of mobile gaming and shooters. 

Seriously, Fortnite is hands down the most popular game in the world. Everyone is playing it, talking about it, or sitting around waiting for it to launch on Android. 

Fortnite is similar to PUBG and is a Battle Royale game. You drop into an Island with 99 other people and battle to the death. However, it's like Minecraft mixed with PUBG, as you can craft your own Fort to hide from enemies as you battle. There's a ton of skill involved. Trust me and just download and play a few rounds if you haven't already. 

Download Fortnite for iOS Devices

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