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Best Trade In Prices For Your Old iPad 2 [March 9th]



So the new iPad, or iPad 3, has your attention.

If you’re sitting there asking, Should I Upgrade to the new iPad?, you should factor in the price you can get for your old iPad into your decision.

The good news is that the iPad holds it’s value pretty well, especially the 16GB model that many consumers purchase.

Even better, iPad 2 trade in prices have held strong even after the new iPad was announced on March 7th. Below you’ll find the best trade in prices for the iPad 2 as of March 9th.

Best Place to sell your old ipad

Best iPad 2 Trade In Prices

These prices change on a regular basis, but you can lock in your price, and send your iPad later so that you don’t have to go without an iPad. Below you’ll find the top prices for your old iPad. If your iPad 2 has any scratches or significant wear, you’ll get less. Click-through to get your own quote.

All of these services offer free shipping, so you don’t have to waste your new iPad money on UPS or Fedex.

Amazon – Up to $500

Amazon is still paying the highest price for your old iPad. The iPad 2 can fetch up to $500 on Amazon for the high-end model. The catch is that you have to accept payment in Amazon Credit.

Amazon iPad 2 trade in values

  • 16GB WiFi – $320 + 3G – $385
  • 32GB WiFi – $375 + 3G – $420
  • 64GB WiFi – $445 + 3G – $500

Amazon gives you 7 days to postmark your old iPad. If you decide to buy the new iPad, you can lock in your price today and hand your iPad 2 to the UPS guy when he hands you your new iPad on March 16th,

Trade in your iPad 2 at Amazon

NextWorth – up to $338

NextWorth is another reputable trade in site that allows you to sell your old iPad without a hassle. NextWorth has kept trade in prices on the  iPad 2 fairly stable after the launch of the new iPad,

  • 16GB WiFi – $253 + 3G – $385
  • 32GB WiFi – $287 + 3G – $326
  • 64GB WiFi – $330 + 3G – $338

NextWorth gives you 21 days to send in your old iPad, so you can lock in your price now and send in your iPad by the end of the month.

Trade in your iPad 2 at NextWorth

Gazelle – Up to $330

Gazelle is one of the best known iPad buyers around, and they offer decent prices for your old iPad 2. If you get your payment in Amazon credit, you can get an extra 5%, but if that’s your plan you should just go with Amazon.

  • 16GB WiFi – $230 + 3G – $275
  • 32GB WiFi – $270 + 3G – $300
  • 64GB WiFi – $300 + 3G – $330

Gazelle offers a 30 day trade in lock, so you have plenty of time to send in your old iPad.

Trade in your iPad 2 at Gazelle

Glyde Up to $416

Glyde is a newcomer to the gadget trade in arena, offering two ways to sell your old iPad. You can sell it instantly to Glyde for the prices listed below, or you can price your iPad for sale and wait for  buyer to accept your price.

  • 16GB WiFi – $251 + 3G – $339
  • 32GB WiFi – $295 + 3G – $387
  • 64GB WiFi – $260 + 3G – $416

After Accepting the trade in price you have seven days to send in your old iPad.

Trade in your iPad 2 at Glyde

eBay – Up to $475

If you don’t want to list your iPad for sale on eBay, you can use eBay Instant Sale, a service that allows you to sell your iPad right to eBay and avoid fees, deadbeat bidders and the wait.

  • 16GB WiFi – $290 + 3G – $355
  • 32GB WiFi – $340 + 3G – $380
  • 64GB WiFi – $420 + 3G – $475

eBay Instant Sale gives you a few days to send in your old gadget, so you can minimize the time without your iPad.

Trade in your iPad 2 at eBay

Are you upgrading to the new iPad? If so, do you sell your old iPad or hand it down to a family member?



  1. Spreekillen

    03/09/2012 at 8:48 am

    Will amazon carry the new iPad ? I jus sent mines out to them for credit

    • Adam1203

      03/09/2012 at 9:59 am

      Doubtful, I was about to send mine, then noticed that Amazon itself doesn’t have any iPad2’s for sale….

      Worse case scenario, you could always sell your Amazon store credit.

      • Spreekillen

        03/09/2012 at 10:58 am

        I’m hoping they sell m , I don’t need it at launch I can wait a bit . Jus wanna use my credit with amazon to buy it

  2. Stwebb1

    03/15/2012 at 12:55 pm

    There are plenty of iPads @ for sale!

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