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Beta BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing App Helps with Conference Calls



A new beta BlackBerry app called BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing helps to simplify the process of dialing into a conference calls with access codes. The app integrates nicely with the native BlackBerry calendar and once the scheduled conference call is to happen, users can hit the ‘join now’ button and be automatically patched into the conference call. BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing essentially will automatically dial the phone number and any participant access code to get into the right teleconference room.

If the call gets dropped due to network or other problems, users can access the BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing app to get re-connect with ease. No need to remember long toll-free numbers for various conference call systems and no need to remember strings of numbers to access the right teleconference room.

The app is now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone and helps to show why RIM’s been a big player in the enterprise sector.

Via: IntoMobile

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