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Big Fish Unlimited Delivers Tablet & PC Cloud Gaming



Big Fish Games now has its own cloud gaming service specifically targeted at casual gamers.

According to GeekWire, Big Fish Games announced the new service at Casual Connect in Seattle. The new service offers users access to 45 casual games from Big Fish Games for just $7.99 per month.

There isn’t much information about which devices the service works on, but Big Fish says it will work on tablets, smartphones, PCs, and TVs. The PC compatibility only includes Windows at the moment (no Mac), and the video below shows a woman using the service on a Roku box on a TV.

The company claims that users can start playing a 2GB game in less than four seconds with Big Fish Unlimited.

Unfortunately, however, we don’t know which tablets and smartphones the service will support. The video obviously shows Android devices, but doesn’t show any manufacturer logos. Given that Apple still hasn’t approved OnLive for the iPad, we doubt this service will make to iOS any time soon.

With Big Fish Unlimited, players can save their progress in games to the cloud. That means players can start playing a game on a tablet, then pick it up on a smartphone,and again later on a TV or PC without ever losing their progress in the games.

Big Fish is also offer a free ad-support version of the service. That version only offers a rotating selection of 20 games instead of 45. For many casual gamers that is likely enough. The ads might be annoying, but at least the games are completely free.

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