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Bing Adds Mall Maps to iPhone, Android and BlackBerry



Bing has updated their map offering with Mall maps and search on maps.The new features are available on the desktop and mobile offerings, to help you find where a Mall is, where each store is and to search for local businesses right from map view.

Bing Mall Maps includes over 400 malls across the country. The mall maps can be viewed on your computer and on your smartphone so you can plan a trip or find a store while on the go.

The new Bing Maps with Mall search is available on HTML 5 capable devices like the iPhone, Android devices and select devices from RIM.

bing mall maps

Search inside your local mall with Bing maps.

To use Bing Mall Search, search for a mall on Bing or on and find the mall you want to visit. After you select the mall, chose mall map from the listing. This will drop you into the mall map. From the map, you can see stores, find restrooms and escalators and move between levels.

Bing isn’t the first service to help you find your way around the local shopping center, but the online nature is nice. Instead of downloading an app ahead of time, you can just hit up and search. There is a downside to this though. In some malls you may not have service.

Another favorite mall app is Point Inside, which is available for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Point Inside includes over 750 mall maps and over 100 Airport maps in the U.S. and across the globe. I’ve used Point Inside to get around malls faster during the holiday shopping season and saved loads of time.

Whichever mall map app you choose, it surely beats looking all over for a directory and trying to figure out which category the mall managers decided the store you are looking for should be put under. Why else would the Apple Store be listed under Pantry Goods at the closest mall.

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