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Black Ops 3 DLC 3 Release Date: 4 Things to Expect & 3 Not To



The Black Ops 3 DLC 3 release date is July 12 on PS4 and it will come to the PC and Xbox One 30 days later. The Descent Black Ops 3 DLC map pack is now official, but there are some important things you still need to look out for, especially if you are on Xbox One and PC.

Even though the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare release date is approaching and enticing to gamers, you cannot play it yet. There are still two more Black Ops 3 DLC packs to come. We just started using the new Black Ops 3 Specialist and there are cool new Black Ops 3 guns to be had.

This is a look at the Descent Black Ops 3 DLC 3 info, Season Pass upgrades and other info that you need to know about the new Black Ops 3 DLC 3 teasers and the eventual release. We’ve also updated this with info on the new Black Ops 3 guns and how you can get guaranteed access to at least two new Black Ops 3 DLC weapons.

What to expect from the Black Ops 3 DLC 3 release date and what you shouldn't count on.

What to expect from the Black Ops 3 DLC 3 release date and what you shouldn’t count on.

If you already purchased the Awakening Black Ops 3 DLC, and are now thinking you want the rest of the new maps, there is a deal that lets you upgrade from Awakening to the full Black Ops 3 season pass. It’s not clear if you can stack on this deal if you bought Awakening and Eclipse alone.

This is not coming to the PS3 or Xbox 360, even though Awakening eventually arrived. We know a lot about the Black Ops 3 DLC 3 map pack, but there are still things that we are attempting to fill in the blanks for so you know what to expect — and what not to.

This is what you need to know about the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 DLC 3 to keep your expectations in check, and what to get excited about.

Expect a Midnight Black Ops 3 DLC 3 Release Time

Expect a Midnight Black Ops 3 DLC 3 Release Time

The Black Ops 3 DLC 3 release date is July 12th on PS4 and it is coming at midnight Eastern according to the PlayStation Store. That means it's coming at 9 PM the day before to users on the West coast. 

The Eclipse Black Ops 3 DLC 2 release time was midnight Pacific for the PS4, so there is a chance this will change. The PS4 gets first access to the DLC and gets better treatment with pre-loading. The Xbox One and PC did not get an Eclipse pre-load. 

When the first Awakening DLC release Activision listed an afternoon time on a support document, but the DLC arrived earlier in the day. Previous maps arrived with an update, but this is not how the maps came with Eclipse. 

Unless Treyarch reverses course to include the maps with a July Black Ops 3 update we expect that PS4 players will get to play it at midnight. The PC and Xbox One Black Ops 3 DLC 3 release time may not come at midnight. 



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