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BlackBerry PlayBook Android Support Won’t Come Until Late Fall



Remember when RIM promised that the BlackBerry PlayBook would be able to run Android applications at some point this summer? If you own a BlackBerry PlayBook, you were probably giddy from hearing the news and watching RIM demo Android apps. Unfortunately, we’ve got some more bad news in the Land of RIM today as the company has confirmed that, you guessed it, Android support for the BlackBerry PlayBook will be delayed until sometime in ‘late fall’ with no specific date in mind. This news of course comes only mere days after the Android App emulator for the PlayBook leaked out for curious tablet owners to tinker with.

PlayBook and Android

The PlayBook has already had a rough go at it from the less than stellar reviews to sales that have been plateauing and this delay is only going to make the PlayBook’s uphill climb harder.

With the iPad 2 still selling well and a plethora of Android tablets on the market and coming to market in the next few months, the PlayBook needed something like the support for Android apps to drum up interest during the summer months. Expect RIM to market the heck out of this once it arrives otherwise the winter months are going to be pretty miserable for the PlayBook.

Via: Engadget

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