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Blue Samsung Galaxy S III Delayed?



While Samsung has yet to confirm anything and the device still appears to be available at retailers, the pebble blue colored Samsung Galaxy S III has apparently been delayed because of a production error.

The report comes from a Dutch site called, courtesy of Reddit, which says that Samsung has had to destroy 600,000 back covers for the pebble blue Samsung Galaxy S III because of an unknown production error.

Right now, it appears that it is only affecting some markets as UK retailers still have the device in stock. However, it looks like some places may have to deal with a delay of the blue Samsung Galaxy S III, a delay that could last into June.

Blue Samsung Galaxy S III Delayed?

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It doesn’t appear as though the white version of the Samsung Galaxy S III is affected.

Of course, until Samsung itself confirms the news, it’s hard to say how widespread this delay is or if it will affect the launch in the United States, set to take place in June.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is slated to hit the United Kingdom in just a few days on May 29th and thus far, carriers have seen record amounts of pre-orders. So, hopefully, Samsung, the carriers and retailers won’t have to push back the release of the device.

The Galaxy S III is Samsung’s latest smartphone and it features a spacious 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD display, an impressive 8MP camera with loads of features, a massive 2100mAh battery, and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

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In addition, early tests indicate the the Galaxy S III will offer great battery life, something that is sorely lacking on some Android devices.

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