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Blue Satellite: Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones for Audiophiles



Finding wireless audiophile grade headphones is a challenge, but Blue hopes to make it easier to enjoy great sound without wires in their new wireless headphones with a built-in amp. The new Blue Satellite headphones also include noise cancelling drivers that travelers will enjoy.

Blue combines two pairs of drivers and an audiophile amp built-in to the headphones so that users can enjoy better overall sound quality without the need to plug into a portable device or to a portable amp.

While traditional noise cancelling headphones typically compromise sound quality to cancel noise, these headphones complete the experience with a second set of drivers that allow you to better enjoy music.

The Blue Satellite noise cancelling headphones use two pairs of drivers to deliver better sound.

The Blue Satellite noise cancelling headphones use two pairs of drivers to deliver better sound.

“Satellite bridges the gap between high-fidelity sound and portable listening, making it possible to enjoy a true audiophile experience anywhere,” said John Maier, CEO of Blue Microphones. “Traditional noise-cancelling headphones use one pair of drivers for both audio and ANC, which compromises your sound quality. Satellite uses separate, dedicated ANC drivers so that our dedicated audio drivers and audiophile amp can deliver high-fidelity sound for no-compromise wireless listening.”

The Satellite headphones include custom tuned 44mm drivers powered by the built-in all-analog amplifier. One pair of drivers delivers your music while the second works to cancel noise like you experience in an airplane.

Users can fold down the headphones into a carrying case for easy travel and there is also a 3-meter audio cable to connect to older devices and to in-flight entertainment.

There is an onboard control for the amplifier that allows users to toggle it off, on and to a special ON+ mode that helps deliver a low end to vinyl-era music. The Blue Satellite headphones release date is not confirmed, but they are coming in 2017. There is no Blue Satellite price at this time.

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