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BlueStacks GamePop Mini Android Console Comes Free With Subscription



Today BlueStacks announced its new GamePop Mini Android console that will come free with a subscription to the upcoming $6.99 GamePop games service.

The new GamePop Mini will come out later this year at the same time as the $129 GamePop microconsole, but gamers only have to pay for the service to get the smaller hardware. Like the GamePop, the GamePop Mini will run Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and will connect to any HDTV with the included HDMI cable.

GamePop Mini

The big differences between the two GamePop consoles are their size and specs. The GamePop Mini, as the name suggests, is smaller than the GamePop Android console, making it more portable. Inside the GamePop Mini has a slower chipset which means the small console is slower than the larger box. The GamePop Mini should play most of the same games as the GamePop microconsole, though some may not look as good.

The GamePop games service will work on both consoles, and is somewhat like Netflix for mobile games that will play on a TV. For $6.99 a month gamers gain unlimited access to hundreds of mobile games that will work on the console. BlueStacks currently claims the service will have more than 500 mobile games available at launch.

The launch games include popular titles like Halfbrick’s Jetpack Joyride and Fruit Ninja and Subatomic Games’ Fieldrunners 2. Gamers will have the chance to play those games with a controller or using their smartphone or tablet.

While the GamePop Mini and GamePop consoles will run Android, BlueStack’s Looking Glass technology will let iOS games run on the platform. Developers have to implement the technology, but the company claims many top-tier developers are already working with the tools provided.

The GamePop Mini will go up for pre-order on July 1, and will come free with a subscription. Gamers who want the $129 GamePop console instead can get that device for free by pre-ordering the GamePop subscription service by June 30.

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