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Bug in EverNote Update for iPhone/iPod Touch Fixed



For those Inkers out there who also use an iPhone or an iPod Touch and the EverNote app for those devices there was great rejoicing earlier this week when it was announced that EverNote released an update that allowed for client-side storage of notes on those two Apple MIDs. Then a bug was discovered and first reported here by reader Gordan Cahill. The problem? Ink Notes could no longer be viewed. The thumbnails still showed Ink Notes but you got nothing if you called them up. I updated our post and sent out a tweet to the EverNote team on Twitter and they responded pretty quickly, letting me know that it was bug and that they’d work quickly to get it fixed.  

Well tonight it is fixed. You can now, once again, view Ink Notes on your iPhone or iPod Touch. But pay attention here. The bug was on the server side, so there is no new App Store update for this, it was fixed on the back end. But, you may (or may not) discover that Ink Notes that were cached will not show up. If this is the case, you’ll need to uninstall the apps from you device and then reinstall it. In my case, everything came up fine on the iPod Touch but I had to do the uninstall/reinstall routine for the iPhone. After that all notes appeared as they were supposed to.  

Two sides note here. First, thanks to Gordon Cahill for speaking up. Second, what a welcome change in the old customer service routine when you can post a message on Twitter and get a response. If you’re an EverNote user and a Twitter user, you might want to follow them on Twitter. Pay attention here. Obviously we Inkers are not a majority of EverNote users. So, it couldn’t hurt to let the EverNote team hear from you on other Tablet PC related issues.



  1. Troy Malone

    10/30/2008 at 10:14 pm

    The Evernote guys are sure on their game. Not only can you get them on Twitter, they are very responsive as well. We just did an integration with Evernote and they were great in helping us with their API. Now you can take notes and take action on them as well! Kudos to the Evernote gang. They are truly doing it right.

  2. Gordon Cahill

    10/31/2008 at 3:37 am

    Aw shucks…… Finally my 1 minute of fame. And it’s as good as I thought it would be,, :-)

    Well done Evernote. I’ve swapped emails with a few of the team and they’ve always been honest and responsive. But this quick of a fix is very impressive.

    Now for the ink thing.


    Or even the ability to set an images as a background of an ink image would do for a while.


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