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Bump Photos To Your Web Browser (Plus a Tip to Make it Work Better)



Sharing service Bump, best known for helping you share contacts and photos across smartphones, has launched a service to bump photos to your PC over the web. Fun! Plus, I have a tip to make it work better.

If you’ve used Bump to share photos between iOS and Android devices, you know how it works. Launch the app, pick the photos, and bump the devices together. Through a combination of location services, accelerometer input, and Internet connectivity, it magically sends those photos from one device to the other. Most PCs, however, lack a couple of those features, so Bump has been strictly a mobile-to-mobile service. Until now.

Pretty simple, right? Go to the Bump website on your browser and accept location services. Fire up the Bump app and select photos to send. Bump the spacebar. Just like that, photos appear in your web browser. Well, with a couple of caveats.

First, the photos are downsized to save on bandwidth. I don’t know how much they’ll shrink for everyone, but mine came through at 960 x 717 instead of 2592 x 1936, the native photo size on my iPhone 4. I’m guessing the magic number here is 960 for the long dimension. Keeps it speedy but you wouldn’t use it for photos to edit. Perfect for iPhone screen captures.

Second, Bump relies on location services to figure out where to send the photos, which can be problematic if your PC is not on Wi-Fi or doesn’t have a GPS or WWAN module installed and active. Basically, it won’t work with PCs without wireless, as I discovered for myself when I tried it on my wired work desktop. Fortunately, I have a fix.

Using an add-on for Firefox called Geolocater, I set my street address as the location to be used by my web browser (it also works with lat/long coordinates). Now it works perfectly (at least when the site isn’t cracking under its “new toy” pressure), as you can see in the samples I bumped over for the post. I will definitely be taking advantage of this for my work PC.

Hat tip to Lifehacker for the Bump news.

Thanks to MakeUseOf for their article on Geolocater.



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    05/26/2012 at 8:17 am

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