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Bungie Shows First Destiny Gameplay on PlayStation 4



Last night at the end of the Sony E3 press conference Bungie, the makers of Halo, showed off gameplay footage of its new game Destiny on the PlayStation 4.

Destiny is the new science-fiction shooter from Bungie where humanity was all but wiped out by alien species taking over the solar system. Humanity was only saved by a mysterious orb called The Traveler that saved the last remaining human city. In the game players get to fight back against the aliens and explore what remains of Earth and the rest of the solar system.

As expected, the look and feel of Destiny takes a lot of cues from Bungie’s Halo games. The aesthetic is distinctly similar, though there are no grunts running around and there’s a lot less purple in the structures and vehicles.

The gameplay trailer gives a brief glimpse into what Earth looks like following the invasions, and what playing the game will look like. As a first person shooter Destiny asks players to mostly interact with the world by shooting at things, but the game also features special abilities for each character.

Destiny will have several different character classes for players to choose from, each with the own abilities. The best example is the magic-like blast the warlock character delivers to the giant mech insect at the end of the trailer. Other classes include hunters and titans. Bungie will presumably announce other classes as the release date draws near.


The new game also borrows a few design cues from Borderlands. The game features countless guns to collect throughout the universe, each with upgradeable abilities and their own unique designs. Enemies will drop new guns and loot as the players defeat them.

Gamers can play Destiny alone, but the focus of the game is on multiplayer. Gamers will want to team up with friends to tackle missions and with strangers to take on world events such as the giant mech insect shown in the trailer.

Destiny will come to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2014. The game isn’t exclusive, but Sony has a special deal with Bungie and publisher Activision to make the PS4 version stays up to date

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